Fri 30 Sep 2022

Spooktastic music moments throughout the years…


Halloween is fast approaching, so we took a look at some pretty iconic spooky moments over the last decade, take a look below…

Muse’s ‘You Make Me Feel Like Halloween’ music video 

Released as part of their new album, ‘Will Of The People’ released August 26th of this year, Muse dropped their ‘spooktastic’ music video for ‘You Make Me Feel Like Halloween’ this August, which has already gathered over 2 million views.

The song itself has its sinister elements, with the intense organ riff that carries it, somewhat sampled by Rockwell’s ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’, but features the customary Muse synth sounds, and striking drums. The video features references to classic horror films such as The Shining, IT, Friday The 13th, Scream and Poltergeist, and includes some pretty spooky yet engaging camera angles, like a short horror film!

Harry Styles’ Harryween

In 2021, on the nights of October 30th & 31st, Harry Styles hosted Harryween at Madison Square Garden.

The two-night-only show saw spectacular performances from Harry and his phenomenal band, performing his concert set, with some eerie-themed covers thrown in. But it wasn’t just the music that made it a show to remember, the costumes were pretty unforgettable too. With The Garden specifically dressed in a black and orange theme, Harry and his band took to the stage in two EXTREMELY well-coordinated ensembles. Night 1, an interpretation of The Wizard of Oz, followed by a clown-inspired outfit, with matching metallic shirts from his band – ICONIC.

Buy tickets to see him live here.

Phoebe Bridgers Grammy outfit

The Grammy Awards are the biggest and most recognised music awards in the industry to date. Nominees attend in high-fashion, diamante-studded designer outfits in celebration of nomination and hopes they’ll be walking away with the prized golden gramophone at the end of the night.

Indie-pop singer songwriter Phoebe Bridgers was nominated for four awards this season, although it was her outfit that definitely captivated attendees and those tuning in from home. The singer, along with her sadly beautiful songs, is acknowleged for her signature skeleton wardrobe, which she confidently brought to the award show, somewhat unexpectedly. Featuring a cardigan jacket, the Thom Browne gown was encrusted with crystal and pearls into the skeleton embroidery, and proved to be one of the most eye-catching, elegant gowns there. Halloween outfit inspo anyone?

The resurgence of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’

July 2016 first saw the arrival of new Netflix original, ‘Stranger Things’, a scifi-horror series in which a number of supernatural mysteries form in the fictional town of Hawkins in the 80s, involving a large ensemble of characters, focusing around a group of school kids and main character ‘Eleven’.

The series returned for the fourth season this year, and along with it came a scene (I won’t spoilt it for you!) that took the world by storm, breaking the internet and going viral globally – sending Kate Bush’s legendary track ‘Running Up That Hill’ to Number 1 for three consecutive weeks in the UK. The 1985 hit broke the world record for the longest time for a track to reach number 1, taking 36 years and 310 days to get there.

The song became her first number one in the United States, and landed number one in 8 other countries.

THAT Lady Gaga dress..

Personally, I would say this was a spooky choice of outfit (and weird)…

One that we all remember is Lady Gaga rocking up to the 2015 VMA’s wearing a meat dress – head to toe. Even now, over 12 years later, it still shocks me to know that the whole thing was made fully of meat. THE WHOLE THING – shoes, a ‘meat purse’ and a hat (or more a slab of raw steak).

Although a bizarre fashion moment, the dress was a political statement by Gaga, stating in an interview, “We decided to do the meat dress because I thought to myself if we were willing to die for your country, what does it matter how you identify,” signaling to the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, in which the policy directed that military applicants were not to be asked about their sexual orientation.

I wouldn’t recommend to do this for Halloween, but if having a load of meat stuck to your body doesn’t bother you – go HAM! (pun intended)