Wed 7 Sep 2022

Midpoint – Tom Chaplin Album Review


Last Friday (2nd September) saw the release of Tom Chaplin’s new album, ‘Midpoint’.

Although predominantly known as lead singer and pianist for the band Keane, Chaplin has been taking his solo career by storm since his critically-acclaimed debut album, ‘The Wave’, released in 2016.

Midpoint is a further demonstration of Tom Chaplin’s versatility as a songwriter, showcasing his brilliant musicianship, through intimately acoustic piano-vocal compositions. The collection of songs are sonically warming and engaging, and show Tom’s creativity throughout.

‘Cameo’ feels folk-inspired, lyrically displaying pure honesty, and musically feels very inspiring. Contrasting to this, ‘Black Hole’ features the use of sci-fi-like samples in the introduction, and feels playful with atmospheric background recordings of birds and a child giggling. The melody is catchy, and accompanied by beautiful backing vocals that blend seamlessly. As the song strips down, an unexpected orchestral outro begins, ending the song on a somber yet compelling note.

The classical elements intertwined with Chaplin’s distinctive songwriting is what makes the album unique, despite feeling nostalgic to that of Elton John and The Beatles. It radiates such positive energy, and feels very wholesome and true to Tom himself.

Tom Chaplin is heading out on tour this October, and we couldn’t think of anything better than catching these magnificent songs live – don’t miss out!

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