Mon 1 Aug 2022

Pop Gig Guide for Autumn 2022


Welcome to the Ultimate Pop Gig Guide for the hottest gigs from the biggest names in pop right now, this October and November.

I was half-tempted to call this guide ‘Ultimate Girl Power’ because wow, the girls are really in it to win it this autumn, from indie pop queen Maggie Rogers to electro-pop dream Rina Sawayama. But not to fret boys, we have a pretty great line up of male artists on tour too..


Cate Canning has come into the spotlight over the last 2 years, with her two most listened-to singles ‘Groupies’ and ‘Stupid’, racking up over 17 million listens on these two tracks alone. Very recently, Cate was recognized as Maisie Peters’ bestie (you’ve obviously heard Maisie’s bop ‘Cate’s Brother’ – well yes, this is indeed THE Cate’).  HOWEVER we’re not here to talk about Maisie for now (sorry Maisie) or even Cate’s brother, this dream-pop beauty creates her own smash hits.

Picture a summer day with your friends in a park, having a picnic and basking in the sun. Got it? Now press shuffle on Cate and you have the most perfect summer soundtrack. Her music feels warm and bright and airy and really only ever radiates good vibes, despite some of the lyrics behind her songs meaning that of heartbreak and very relatable relationship issues.

Her new pop ballad ‘Ruin’ is out now on Spotify, and go support her on tour this autumn –

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Maggie Rogers 

Indie popstar Maggie Rogers is set to head out on tour soon, but what has she been up to since her first major album ‘Heard It In a Past Life’? Well, she actually got herself a masters degree (I told you this article radiated massive girl power). Maggie started graduate school at Harvard back in September 2021, to study Religion and Public Life, and has since graduated with a distinction in May.

From this, she released a collection of singles in the lead up to her new album ‘Surrender’, the follow-up to her debut release back in 2019. Her new album has actually released TODAY (July 29th) so go give it some love here. Contrasting from her first album, Rogers has swapped out her bright synth hooks for something a little more sombre and edgy, yet intimately capturing, revealing a deeper side to Maggie.

Get your hands on some tickets, they’re sure to sell out.

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Robbie Williams 

Greastest showman Robbie Williams is releasing his newest album ‘XXV’, shortly before he heads out on tour this autumn. The album will feature orchestral versions of his most infamous tracks, re-recorded with the legendary Metropole Orkest, as well as some brand new ones thrown in the mix, and promises to be a real treat for you die hard Robbie fans out there. His re-imagiend version of ‘Angels’ is already otover on Spotify.

The tour and release celebrates the potty-mouthed popstar’s 25th anniversary of his solo career, since he left boyband Take That in 1995, and we think it will be his most entertaining yet!

Tickets are onsale now and you’re not going to want to miss it!

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Rina Sawayama 

Rina seems to be the most influential emerging artist in pop right now, and from her yesterday release of new single ‘Hold the Girl’, her career continues to be on the up.

In her recent single, and title-track of her new album, Rina sings about very real struggles of lockdown, whilst combining elements of Dance and Electro-Pop. Her use of samples and synth strings make this track an absolute anthem, and is already boasting some raving reviews. At the beginning of this year, Rina collaborated with Charli XCX on ‘Beg For You’, with the iconic duo sampling the one and only dance track ‘Cry for You’ by September, securing a whopping 51 million streams so far.

Rina continues to get the recognition she deserves, and I’m sure we’ll see nothing but hit after hit when her sophomore album drops on September 16. In the meantime, get yourself some tickets by pressing the big red button below!

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James Bay 

It seems like he’s always on tour lately but how can we complain? Folk singer-songwriter James Bay is back late November, also bringing his new third album along!

Life has been nothing but busy for James since his album ‘Chaos and the Calm’ reached the number 1 spot back in 2015, dethroning Kendrick’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’.

‘Leap’, James’ most recent release is a true representation of his music and his writing, and feels raw and emotional in this sense. Sticking to his roots, the album includes a lot of electric guitar-based ballads, tapping into heartbreak and very honest emotions, and although this style is home for James, there is still excitement track after track, and continues to share his stories through song to the world.

If you want to get all up in your feels, fetch tickets below:

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Florence + the Machine

British indie-rock/pop band Florence + the Machine, fronted by powerhouse front-woman Florence Welch, returned with a bang earlier this year with their fourth album ‘Dance Fever’. This was their latest release since the somewhat-stripped back ‘High As Hope’, back in 2018.

‘Dance Fever’ seems a lot more familiar to the original sound of the band, made recognizable from their song ‘Dog Days Are Over’ all the way back in 2009. YEP – a whopping 13 years ago, and it still hits just as big now. The new album is feel-good, invigorating and makes you want to get up and dance – three ingredients Florence religiously adds into her recipe of magical, euphoria-like, rock-driven smash hits.

Along with this, her stage presence is infamously empowering and truly engaging, and something you need to see at least once in your lifetime, if not more – so before it sells out and that opportunity disappears, get your tickets!

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