Tue 23 Aug 2022

Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’: Every Track Performed Live


28 years ago (August 23rd, 1994), Jeff Buckley released his first and only studio album “Grace” — a unique, intimate, and daring debut, which remains one of the most inspired records ever made, and a timeless portrait of Buckley as a music artist.

To celebrate its anniversary, we’re revisiting the album, track by track, through his archive of live performances. From his dreamy Glastonbury set of ’95, right through to his last UK appearance, in London the same year.

Mojo Pin (Glastonbury, 1995)

Grace (BBC Late Show, 1995)

Last Goodbye (Chicago, 1995)

Lilac Wine (Frankfurt, 1995)

So Real (New York, 1995)

Hallelujah (France, 1995)

Lover You Should’ve Come Over (Quebec, 1995)

Corpus Christi Carol (London, 1995)

Eternal Life (Scotland, 1994)

Dream Brother (Chicago, 1995)

Forget Her (New York, 1994)