Tue 30 Aug 2022

Holding Onto Summer : Our Picks 2022


It feels like it’s been release after release of great new music lately, and they just keep on coming.

To celebrate the last little bit of sun we have left before we head into Autumn, we’ve selected some releases we think you’ll love, for the soundtrack to your summer…


‘Beatopia’ – Beabadoobee

For your party-for-one, well needed time off..

Beabadoobee’s last album, ‘Fake It Flowers’, now seems like a far cry away from her new, somewhat matured release, ‘Beatopia’. Not to say the alternative 90s inspired indie rock phase is over, but for it is, and has paved the way for this light and airy indie-pop delight.

The usual grunge electric guitar almost* seems to have fizzled out and have been replaced by acoustic guitar (*some tracks still pay tribute to her Fake It Flowers era, such as ‘Don’t get the deal’ and ‘Talk’). The combination of the finger-picking guitar to the luscious string sections gives a ‘Folkore’ crossed with ‘Who Cares?’ by Rex Orange County vibe. The songs are very similar in tempo and feel, yet all very unique in their own way. It truly feels like you’ve been dropped right in the middle of a fairytale.

You can also catch her live on tour this October!

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‘World Wide Pop’ – Superorganism¬†

If throwing a party in the sunshine is more your thing…

This whole album seems to be one giant electro/indie-pop summer banger. Superorganism never fail at those catchy pop hooks, manipulated synth lines and their very appropriate use of auto-tune and pitch-shifted vocals (see the track ‘Put Down Your Phone’ and ‘Crushed.zip’) for our two personal favourite examples of this.

Their creativity still remains top tier with chopped samples, such as the track ‘Oh Come On’ which features zapping and other futuristic sounds that are nothing but satisfying to listen to. Contrasting to Beabadoobee, this album is anything BUT chill, and is super energetic from start to finish, so get your boogie on and get listening!

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‘Garageband Superstar’ – Lauran Hibberd

For the ultimate house party…

This August, emerging British pop-punk star, Lauran Hibberd, released her debut album ‘Garageband Superstar’. It radiates huge 90s punk energy, nostalgic to that of early 00s chick-flick film soundtracks. The album is supported by heavily overdriven electric guitar, and punchy drum grooves, but it’s Lauran’s dry, deadpan and sarcastic humour in particular that really completes the record, allowing an insight into her personality and attitude, and making it a fun, light-hearted listen.

The energy of the whole album stays at an ultimate high throughout, even with musically-stripped back tracks such as ‘Last Song Ever’, combining acoustic tracks alongside the powerhouse bangers.

Lauran will be playing Neighbourhood Festival this October, get your tickets here:

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‘Hi-Fidelity’ – Lava La Rue

Hosting a laidback garden get-together?

‘Hi-Fidelity’ is one of the most creative albums to come out of 2022 so far, from Alternative R&B/Hip-Hop artist Lava La Rue. The record leans into the dream-pop/neo-psychedelia genre, feeling ethereal and atmospheric in sound, equating to the most perfect summer chill album.

Funky drum grooves and Thundercat-esque basslines ultimately carry the album, accompanied by glittery synth lead-lines and warm pads. Soundscape samples are occasionally thrown in certain tracks, such as ‘Motel’, filling in the empty space around La Rue’s heavily reverbed-spacey vocals. As if the synths weren’t good enough, electric guitar lines glue the record together, creating catchy riffs, identifiable to Lava La Rue’s unique and versatile sound.

See her live at brand new mini-festival, ‘Track & Feels’ this November.

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‘Rachel@Faiyland’ – Rae Morris

Perfect for an eclectic dinner party…

‘Rachel@fairyland’ marks 4 years since Blackpool-born British-pop artist Rae Morris’ last release, ‘Someone Out There’, and boy was it worth the wait.

Rae is a master of narrative electro-pop, and this album is no exception, combining her usual fascinating metaphorical stories (see song, ‘The Carrot’) and unique melody lines that draw you further and further into to her music. Each track is littered with hidden background gems, ranging from beautiful orchestral arrangements, and vibrant percussive elements, merged with vocal and FX soundscapes, stimulating alternative visual perceptions. Alongside these atmospheric elements, warm arpeggiated synths accompany her manipulated, harmonised vocals that establish her eccentric sound.

Get tickets to her Manchester show below!

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