Fri 1 Oct 2021

Interview… Far Caspian


Started from a basement home studio in Leeds, Joel Johnston launched  Far Caspian in Summer 2018. Far Caspian combines a hazy blend of intricate guitars, smart melodies, honest and introspective lyrics with a focused lo-fi feel on production. This unique sound has led to sold out venues across the UK and EU and landed plays on Radio 1, 6 Music, Radio X and numerous Spotify and YouTube playlists generating a dedicated and growing fanbase across the world.

Although laid back and modest in sound on record, Far Caspian as a live act is a different story. Joel brings in friends to turn the bedroom project into a full band resulting in a more driven and upbeat performance. Ahead of Far Caspian’s show at Manchester’s Deaf Institute on Wednesday 20th October, we grabbed him for a chat.

  1. How does it feel to be on the verge of releasing your new album?

It’s very exciting! I think I’ve been waiting so long for it to come out that I’ve passed the point of being really nervous. I had nerves with each single release but now I’m at the point where I’m just ready for it all to be heard.

  1. What makes this album so special to you?

It’s my first album so I think that in itself is special to me. I learnt a lot making it, both how I work well and what not to do on the next one. I’m in a much better place now mentally than I was when I was writing/recording the album so it’s interesting to be able to listen to those songs now and see the difference. I tried to change up the formula from the songs on the first EP so I’m happy that I was able to create something that feels a bit more thought out and a larger long form piece of work.

  1. Which songs are you most excited to play live?

Any of the new songs. They obviously haven’t been played yet so I’m excited to see the reception to them. I’m most excited to play ‘House’ though as I’m bringing my friend Tom Kettleton who plays saxophone with me on this tour and he smashes it at the end of that tune.

  1. What can people expect from your live show at The Deaf Institute on Wednesday 20th October?

A much longer set than the last headline show with some extra players on stage and plenty of new tunes with some old ones too.

  1. Favourite thing about playing in Manchester?

Just being able to be in Manchester. I love the city but don’t get many opportunities to come down. Any time I’ve played there though everyone’s been really up for it and I’ve felt really comfortable on stage.

  1. How excited are you to have Van Houten and Crush on the bill for this show?

Really excited. Crush supported on the last Manchester headline so it’ll be class to have them back again. Van Houten are coming out on the whole tour which is a first for us having a support band tour with us so I’m really looking forward to that.

  1. Message for the fans…

Thanks for grabbing your tickets and coming down. I hope you have a class and safe time. See you there.

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