Wed 11 Aug 2021

Live Music Returns: The Ultimate Guide to Attending Gigs

Live music crowd

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Well, it’s finally here! The moment us music fans have been dreaming of the past year… the return of live music! Sure, we’ve had some incredible live-stream concerts and home gigs, but nothing beats the experience of going to a gig and feeling the joy of hearing those songs performed live. However, since it’s been a while since we’ve been able to go, before you dive headlong into that crowd clutching your pint, ready to boogie the night away – we thought a quick refresher on gig attendance might come in handy…

Remember your ticket and ID

You know the feeling, you’re in the queue and then the dredged realization that you’re missing one of these vital gig accompaniments, so if your tickets are physical, remember to bring those along! If they need printing off – fire up the printer… or send to that one mate who does have a printer! If they’re on your emails or mobile app, then make sure you know where they are and that you’re good to go when asked to present them.

Get your drinks in plenty of time before the gig starts

You know the sight, the queue is a mile deep and you’re frantically checking the time knowing the minutes are ticking by until the lights go out, so to avoid hearing those first few iconic moments from the lobby, make sure to get your drinks in plenty of time!

Charge your phone

Because no one wants to be trying to record these priceless moments of seeing your favourite artists perform with a battery that’s creeping towards the red. This will also come in handy for your tickets, if they are on your phone, the uber ride to the venue or your train journey home! Can you stash a portable charger anywhere?

Don’t throw drinks

No-one wants to be that person, keep those cups in your hands.

Don’t talk over quiet songs

Goes without saying really!

Keep up to date with the latest Covid safety guidelines

To make the most of attending gigs and live events safely, please ensure you’re keeping up to date with any COVID updates, which can vary from venue to venue. You can keep an eye on the official government advice here, as well as our own COVID-19 statement which we will be reviewing regularly.

Have fun

However, perhaps last, and most importantly… live music has been a massive part of our lives missing for the past 18 months, a missing puzzle piece finally slotted back into place, so enjoy every second!

See you all in the crowd.


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