Sat 20 Jun 2020

My Chemical Romance: 12 Greatest Live Moments

(Getty Images)

Aside from crafting generation-defining rock anthems and paving the way for emo to enter the mainstream, My Chemical Romance know how to put on one hell of a live show.

This summer, we were FINALLY going to witness the alt-rock kings return to the global stage. It’s been nine long years since MCR last performed in the UK, but this weekend we would’ve seen them headline three huge sold-out shows at Milton Keynes Stadium, as part of their incredible worldwide comeback tour.

But alas, 2020 has put a hold on the celebrations, and the emo revival will have to wait until next summer. Who would’ve thought that it’d take a global pandemic to stop us from finally seeing My Chemical Romance make their comeback? (How -appropriately- emo). 

In the meantime, sit back and reminisce some of the band’s most memorable live moments with this throwback compilation. Roll on 2021…

1. The Ghost Of You (Mexico, 2007)

2. Welcome to the Black Parade ft. Brian May (Reading Festival, 2011)

3. Sing (MTV, Spain, 2011)

4. Teenagers (Munich, 2012)

5. Dead! (Mexico, 2008)

6. Summertime – Acoustic Version (Los Angeles, 2011)

7. I’m Not Okay (Hollywood, 2010)

8. Na Na Na (Oxegen Festival, Ireland, 2011)

9. Famous Last Words (Mexico, 2008)

10. Welcome To The Black Parade (Los Angeles, 2019)

11. Helena (Reading Festival, 2006)

12. Mama (Mexico, 2008)