Mon 13 Apr 2020

12 of Brendon Urie’s Most Memorable Performances


As one of the founding fathers of the early 2000’s emo scene, it’s hard to believe that Brendon Urie is only turning 33 this month. Panic! At the Disco’s first ever single, a highly complex song about a broken wedding —went four times platinum when Urie was just 17.

Since then, Brendon has toured the world, released six studio albums, achieved multi-platinum sales, and garnered worldwide critical acclaim. Known for his phenomenal stage presence and signature vocal style, Urie has a tenor voice range spanning four octaves. Four whole octaves! That’s a range extending from D2 to C7, a difficult feat for even the most seasoned vocal coaches.

To celebrate his birthday this Easter weekend, we’re taking a look back at some of Urie’s most mind-blowing, spine-chilling, badass vocal perfomances throuhgout the years. Let us know your favourite?!


Panic! At the Disco Cover Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on the Death of a Bachelor Tour (2017)

‘Lying’ Acoustic Version (2011) 

Panic! At the Disco Cover Weezer’s ‘Say It Ain’t So’ (2018)


‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ in the BBC Radio One Live Lounge (2011) 

‘High Hopes’ Live From MTV VMA’s (2018) 

‘ME!’ Performed Live with Taylor Swift at The Billboard Music Awards (2019)


Panic! At the Disco Cover The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ in the BBC Radio One Live Lounge (2016)

‘This is Gospel’ Live Acoustic Version from Billboard Studios (2013)

‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ Live From Reading Festival (2015)


‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ Live Acoustic Version (2014)

Panic! At the Disco Cover Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ (2013) 

‘Nine in the Afternoon’ Acoustic Version (2011)