Mon 3 Feb 2020

AMP Meets… Everyone You Know


Britain’s premier music tastemaker Annie Mac has announced the return of AMP LONDON, bringing the best new talent in music from a variety of genres to the capital’s most loved music venues. We caught up with brothers Everyone You Know to find out what you can expect from their set…

Are you looking forward to performing at the Old Blue Last in March for AMP London?

Yeah we can’t wait, it’s our first proper show of the year so we are really looking forward to it. The line up over the 4 days is wicked too, so we are excited to be a part of that.

What’s your best memory of performing in London? 

Hands down our last London headline show at Underworld in Camden. That was our biggest headline show to date and it went off. Class night!

Who are you looking forward to catching at AMP London?

There is quite a few acts that’s we’re looking forward to seeing to be fair. We haven’t got to see Arlo Parks do a full set live yet, so if possible we are gonna try and get to that. Master Peace is sick too so definitely gonna try and catch that set too. A lot of people talking about Bad Girls aswell, so we will try and get down to as many as possible.

What does AMP’s message of showcasing new talent and future female headliners mean to you? 

It’s great to see and to be a part of. To have so many talented and promising acts playing across the 4 days and to make seeing them all live so easily accessible is wicked! There is some incredible female artists who are really saying something around at the moment too. So to see them getting the type of attention they are getting and spreading their message is class.

What was your highlight of 2019?

I would have to probably say the tour. We went up and down the country and to see the reaction and the love people have for us and our music first hand was properly special! Becoming UK Ambassadors for Reebok was great too.

Do you have any New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?

Last year my resolution was to try and not be late, and I managed to stick to that for the most part. But I don’t really have one this year to be honest. I have thought about trying to have a ‘dry’ month a couple of times, but that’s easier said than done.

What is the wildest thing you have ever put on your rider?

You know what? No we never ask for anything excessive on our rider. Harv likes his whiskey and I like rum, so we always ask for a bottle of that each with some beers and a bit of food. But  we always end up with some luke warm Carling and a Tesco meal deal. So fingers cross that changes this year!

What can we expect from your set?

I think you can expect a lot of high energy moments. We always have people moshing and going nuts at our shows. But we also slow it right down at times too and introducing the proper sing along ‘hands in the air’ tracks. We like to take the crowd on a bit of a journey with us. So there is a good bit of variation in our set.?

What artists would you love to collaborate with? 

This is a hard question, because there is a lot of artists we absolutely love and that we are really into. But we wouldn’t necessarily want to work with them right now. We’ve always said it would be great to have a Kano verse on a tune as he’s an artist we were obsessed with growing up. I think it would be great to write with Alex turner and to do something with The Prodigy too as those guys have had a big influence on our music.

What does 2020 have in store for you? 

We actually have a really hectic 2020. We are going on another UK and Ireland headline tour from late March onwards then hopefully off to do our first shows in the States in May. And in between that working on the album! So this year is gonna be a busy one for sure.

will play at The Old Blue Last on Saturday 7th March

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