Fri 1 Nov 2019

British Sound Project Meets… Chappaqua Wrestling


Following its huge success, The British Sound Project returns this year to a brand-new home at O2 Ritz Manchester on Saturday 30th November 2019! The festival features an all-British line up of indie rock bands across two floors in a celebration of some of the UK’s most exciting names in music, as well as upcoming, rising talent.

Now here’s your chance to get to know Chappaqua Wrestling, who will be playing downstairs alongside On Video and Llovers…

The latest single, ‘Is She Happy Turning On Her Side’ has a retro feel, how does the past influence your music?

The same way the past influences most songs, we completely ripped off ‘Have a Cheeky Girls Christmas’, and that’s it.

Tell us about the new song! How did it come about and what was the song writing process like?

We actually wrote it when we were living in Manchester whilst we were looking for a way out of Manchester, now we are answering questions to a show that’s bringing us back to Manchester. Would be rude not to play it on the night?

You two have known each other for a while, how does your bond and relationship benefit the band?

It basically makes it a nightmare to be in a band with us. We are like tyrannical dictators.

What’s the best thing about Brighton?

Glenn Murray, The Prince Albert, The Prince Albert’s new bring your own food in policy, and the new Greek place opposite.

Are you excited to play British Sound Project?

Hell yeah! With JD sports as a sponsor? Do you even need to ask?

Which other artists are you going to try and check out at British Sound Project?

This Mouse Boy bloke sounds pretty good.

Were you big wrestling fans growing up? Got any favourites?

Yes! Triple H, The Hardy Boyz, and Val Venis. Also fancied Lita so much – edgy since day 1.

Why should people come to check out your British Sound Project set?

New songs, new outfits, new pyrotechnic team AND two new shiny members. We’ll also be drinking in Temple before and after so please come and join us.

Message for the fans?

You’re our pencil to our paper, our milk to our udders, and our juice to our NutriBullet.
Without you we are a blank sheet, a milk-less teet, and a blender.

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