Thu 17 Oct 2019

Interview with… Third Eye Blind


With their sixth full length album, Screamer due tomorrow (18th October) and a UK tour approaching, we spoke to Third Eye Blind‘s Stephan Jenkins to find out what fans can expect…

  1. Its been two years since you last toured the UK, what have you missed about it?

The fans! It’s all about the nuances of connections. Also rolling around in different cities in Europe brings inspiration. We are always lifted when we get over the pond.

  1. What are your favourite things to do/see in Manchester and London?

I never get enough time in Manchester. It always boggles me that the new architecture in Manchester than that of San Francisco. All my most complete pub moments seem to be in Manchester. London is about art, we are always looking for the cool exhibits. Last time, it was Basquiat. No idea what we will get up into this time. Needless to say we are a bunch of art snobs.

  1. Your very conscious of the environment, and on your recent US tour you donated a percentage of profits to a project aiming to work against climate change. Are you doing anything similar for this tour?

Ocean clean up. It sickens me to see plastic bags floating around.

  1. What’s your opinion on Greta Thunberg’s recent work? Has she helped inspired any changes in your own approach to being eco-friendly?

She’s 100% pure inspiration. Just give her a Nobel Prize now! She has the clarity and courage that the political leadership (with all of their personal calculations) lack. The song “The Kids are Coming” is about her, and her image makes an appearance in the [Kids] video coming out on the 18th.

  1. You’ll soon have six albums’ worth of songs to choose from when picking out the setlist. What’s one of your favourite songs to play live that people might not expect?

Everything that’s new on “Screamer” is always a treat to play. For old tracks, I love playing “Another Life”. When we play it right it makes you feel like you’re flying.

  1. What songs off the new album Screamer are you most looking forward to debuting live?

I love playing “The Kids are Coming”. “Who am I” is kind of sweet too. Really, they are all my darling little babies and I want to send them out there like a proud mom.

  1. You’ve said “Screamer explores the duality of our dystopian present as catalyst for passionate humanism. Further, critiques of music culture consumerism, escapism in the context of post-patriarchal mores weave through musical landscapes of raw bombast, threadbare breakdowns, and judo flips of comuter-based musical slickness.” Can you explain this?

Isn’t it obvious?!

  1. Your friends Jimmy Eat World are playing the UK almost at the same time. How does it feel seeing other prestigious 90s bands similar to yourselves continuing to do well?

We’re not a 90s band we’re a 2020 band, so it’s irrelevant to me.

  1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve asked for on your rider? Did you get it?

 A puppy. They usually bring one. Everybody melts.

  1. What can we expect from your upcoming shows?

Power slides, collective fits of spontaneous hallucinations and hysterical blindness. Oh, and really nice people.

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