Thu 3 Oct 2019

Interview with… Clemmie Telford


Creative Director, instagrammer, blogger and mother of 3 Clemmie Telford is on a mission to break down the stigmas of taboo subjects through her hit podcast, Honestly. From gender identity to money, body image to death, race to sobriety Clemmie tackles the subjects that we as a society often shy away from. We caught up with her to find out how Honestly began, and what happiness means to her…

  • You’re bringing your podcast Honestly Live to London this year, what can fans expect from the live show?

Not surprisingly you can expect a big dose of honesty. Maybe tears. Lots of laughter and some personal stories that you may relate to but will definitely be inspired by.

  • Will you be delving into the same issues you’ve discussed previously on the podcast or will it be something new?

Totally new. We are going to be cover self acceptance through to self love. Think anti-diets, body positivity, the link between mental health and body image. Right through to inner and outer confidence and even a bit of ‘solo sex’ chat!

  • What would you say to someone who hasn’t listened to the podcast? And why should they come along?

Think of a subject that makes you feel uncomfortable? Now think about why you have the reaction?

Time and time again I find that being brave enough to have tricky conversations is actually one of the liberating thing we can do. We can learn so much from one another about all manor of things if we are prepared to get open and get honest.

  • Take us right back, how did the podcast begin?

My Instagram and Blog (Mother of All Lists) have both been around for 4 years and are all about sharing experiences without judgement. Whether that be my only journey of trying to juggle kids/career/marriage on Instagram or one the 300 plus first-person stories about every topic under the sun on MOAL. The podcast felt like the natural evolution of that and the chance to have one on one chat with fascinating people.

  • Are you excited to come face-to-face with your listeners?

Yes!!! I love getting a group of people together in room, all of whom are up for sharing and learning! As well as a few laugh along the way. It’s going amazing.

  • What’s your favourite aspect of being an influencer?

I find the influencer a bit uncomfortable. But I love having a social media presence because a) the opportunities that come my way constantly blow me away (take doing a Live Podcast for example). b) the community: I’ve met so many amazing people through social media. People who inspire and educate me, as well as many who have gone on to be really good friends of mine.

  • Who are some of your favourite influencers and celebrities?

The 4 women who are going to be my guests on November 10th are pretty special. 4 different stories: each funny and brave in their own way.

  • What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Sunshine, good food and my family!!

  • Message for the fans?

Oh no! That’s make me feel weird. Not fans, just likeminded people who I look forward to meeting. Thank you for listening – please keep it up so that I get to make more series!

Clemmie has announced a special recording of Honestly at London’s Bush Hall on Sunday 10th November, to invite audiences to be part of the conversation. She will  be joined by special guests Laura Hoggins, Alex Light, Natalie Lee and Cherry Healy. 

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