Thu 24 Oct 2019

British Sound Project Meets… Llovers


Following its huge success, The British Sound Project returns this year to a brand-new home at O2 Ritz Manchester on Saturday 30th November 2019! The festival features an all-British line up of indie rock bands across two floors in a celebration of some of the UK’s most exciting names in music, as well as upcoming, rising talent.

Now here’s your chance to get to know Llovers, who will be playing downstairs alongside On Video and Chappaqua Wrestling…

  1. You’ve got two new singles out at the moment, and by the time BSP comes around you’ll have released your debut EP,Things That I Don’t Understand. What can you tell us about the new release?

We’re really proud of this EP, we’ve tried to put out songs which are all different, but characteristically us. As it’s our debut, we kind of wanted to showcase what we can do really, and I think we’ve achieved that really well. We’ve been lucky to work with Chad Male who really gets our sound as well, so it’s been a relatively stress free process.

  1. What’s your favourite song off EP?

I really like the closing track, ‘Change’. It really closes the EP in the best way. It was the first song we actually finished off the EP as well, and it still hasn’t got stale for me. A fair few people have said they think it’s class as well which is always a good sign.

  1. Which ones do you think will be the best to perform live?

We’ve been playing a fair few of them live for a while, and ‘Honestly’ seems to go down the best. Really seems to get people going, so we usually open with it. But so far all of the songs we have played from the EP seem to go down really well.

  1. How did ‘Honestly’ end up being featured on Made in Chelsea?

Made in Chelsea have been so sick to us throughout our band, they’ve featured most of the singles on the show throughout the various different seasons. It would be so easy for them to just bang in a load of tracks by established massive bands, but they do tons of good and give bands like ours exposure. Fair play.

  1. Tell us about the local music scene in Teesside.

Teesside is thriving at the moment, it’s really cool to be around at the moment. We have loads of favourites but I think collectively we love Dylan Cartlidge. The music he makes is fantastic and he’s such a nice guy as well, seeing him smash it is dead nice. There’s also really class promoters, everyone gets on as well which I think is the best thing about it. We just had Radio 1’s Big Weekend come to Teesside over summer which was so good for the area.

  1. What’s your favourite thing to see/do when you’re in Manchester?

There’s so many good places in Manchester I like, there’s a place I think is called Slice in the Northern Quarter which is good, especially when you can sit outside. When I’m here usually it’s for gigs, one of the best I’ve seen here is Jagwar Ma at the Academy. Half of our mates all live here as well, so we’ve always got some place to crash after we play.

  1. What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on stage and how did you handle it?

We played this outdoor festival once where they didn’t hire any lights and we were on right as the sun was going down, none of us could see what we we were playing. And I don’t think we handled it very well if I’m honest. The whole not being able to see thing kind of does make the whole situation of playing a gig pretty difficult.

  1. Got any other mad stories from the road (that you can tell us, of course)?

It’s really annoying because we haven’t actually got any mild stories which are appropriate to tell. We’ve got some ones that we just wouldn’t want to tell to anyone. The stories aren’t that bad but you know, some things are best left unsaid. We had a band steal from our rider once and we asked why they did it and they said “Because we’re from London”. That was pretty unbelievable to hear.

  1. Who else on the BSP lineup are you excited to see?

I really like On Video who are on the same stage as us, can already tell those guys are going to blow up and be everyone’s favourite band. Indoor Pets are pretty sick as well.

  1. What can we expect from your set?

Plenty of Northern charm, plenty of bangers

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