Mon 10 Jun 2019

Most Iconic Songs From The Harry Potter Soundtrack


The Harry Potter franchise has one of the most iconic soundtracks of recent times, and as every film has its own signature instrumentation and theme, fans can envisage the exact scene each song is from. Here are our top 10 songs which have enhanced some incredible moments…

10. ‘Golden Egg’ – The Goblet of Fire (Patrick Doyle)

Harry attempts to take the Golden Egg from the Hungarian Horntail during the Triwizard Tournament

9. ‘The Quidditch World Cup’ – The Goblet of Fire (Patrick Doyle)

Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys attend the Quidditch World Cup

8. ‘Wizard Wheezes’ – The Half-Blood Prince (Nicholas Hooper)

Fred and George open up their own joke shop Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

7. ‘Professor Umbridge’ – The Order of the Phoenix (Nicholas Hooper)

The new Defense Against The Dark Arts professor makes herself at home

6. ‘Double Trouble’ – The Prisoner of Azkaban (John Williams)

After Harry’s first encounter with a Death Eater on the train, the Frog Choir perform this at the Start-of-Term feast

5. ‘Hogwarts’ March’ – The Goblet of Fire (Patrick Doyle)

This is played as Harry enters the maze during the last trial of the Triwizard Tournament, as well as when he comes out with Cedric’s body

4. ‘The Knight Bus’ – The Prisoner of Azkaban (John Williams)

After blowing up his Aunt Marge, Harry leaves the Dursley’s and is collected by a triple-decker, purple bus that picks up stranded witches and wizards

3. ‘Mr. Longbottom Flies’ – The Philosopher’s Stone (John Williams)

During their first flying lesson at Hogwarts, things don’t go well for Neville…

2. ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ – The Philosopher’s Stone (John Williams)

This is what is commonly referred to as the Harry Potter theme and some variation of it appears in every film

1. ‘Leaving Hogwarts’ – The Philosopher’s Stone (John Williams)

Probably one of the most emotive pieces in the Harry Potter soundtrack, this is played as Harry gets on the train back to King’s Cross knowing he’s finally found where he belongs

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