Tue 20 Nov 2018

Paul Heaton releases new album- ‘The Last King of Pop’


Paul Heaton is one of the UK’s most effortlessly talented and gifted songwriters/musicians. With a career stretching over 30+ years, being a part of the highly influential Housemartins and The Beautiful South, then formulating a very successful solo career and collaboration with former Beautiful South vocalist, Jacqui Abbott, Paul Heaton has conquered the music industry and won the hearts of music listeners and critics alike.

It was the song ‘Flag Day’- the Housemartins debut single- which kicked everything off, and now, Paul Heaton has released a new album, which encompasses his glorious musical career.

Rightly titled, ‘The Last King of Pop’, the album is filled with all of his perfectly written and well-loved hits from start to finish, including ‘Don’t Marry Her’, ‘Happy Hour’, ‘You Keep It All In’ and ‘Flag Day’, among so many others. The album has been cleverly put together to ensure every track keeps the listener excited. There isn’t a dull moment, no dry spell. It is an album of art, crafted to please.

Right at the end are two very special surprises for both existing fans and new ones- a 2018 re-recording of the classic ‘A Little Time’ and a brand-new Paul and Jacqui song, titled ‘7” Singles’.

Capturing Paul Heaton’s distinct warm vocals and blending them with Jacqui Abbott’s harmonies, this ska-pop infused song is insanely catchy, getting you hooked from the firsts listen. ‘7” Singles’ is added confirmation as to why Paul Heaton is the Last King of Pop. He is a genius, and this album, whether you buy it physically or download it, won’t be coming off repeat any time soon.

In celebration of the new album, Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott will be performing 3 shows at the end of November, in Blackpool, Sheffield and London. For more information, go to http://gigst.rs/PHJA.