Fri 14 Sep 2018

SCARLXRD: ‘Tell Him Yxu Lxve Him’ on his September UK Tour


A very new member of the music industry, Scarlxrd is ready to create a riot. A unique but fierce mix of metal, hardcore and rap vocals all rolled into one, with a good amount of distortion added to top it off. His screams are brutal, emotional and explode in your ears upon first listen.

Adopting a go hard or go home approach when it comes to song writing, Scarlxrd has put out 6 albums since 2016, most recent one being DXXM (pronounced Doom). The songs keep on coming, with ‘Tell Me Yxu Lxve Me’ released on 31st August and ‘Sx Sad’ due for imminent release this month. This just shows how serious Scarlxrd is about music; constantly putting out songs, constantly working on something he clearly loves and has put his entire heart and soul into.

Scarlxrd is a breath of fresh air into the current music industry- but all of what he is doing, all of what he writes is exactly what he wants.

‘Heart Attack’ is his most successful song so far, with over 41 million views on YouTube and 18+ million streams on Spotify. He is gaining nearly 1 million monthly listens on Spotify and his social media following is ever increasing. Scarlxrds music is addictive and ignites a flame inside of you. He was listed in NME’s ‘10 New Acts That’ll Blow Your Mind At Reading and Leeds This Weekend’, with NME stating, ‘Fusing metal and nihilistic rap, Scarlxrd’s dual appearances on both the punk stage and the hip-hop stage prove his crossover potential’.

His live shows are full of adrenaline, energy, anger and love all at once- something that makes the crowd go completely wild. In a review of his Camden Assembly show last October on Not Another Music Blog, Scarlxrd was praised on his vocal ability- ‘The speed of his delivery on parts of the tune were fantastic and without taking a breath, he showed real control’. He even played song ‘6 Feet’ twice, due to how insane the crowd went for his live version.
Scarlxrd will be touring the UK at the end of this month, so if you want to experience the full force of his music, now is your chance.

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