Mon 24 Sep 2018

Review… Scarlxrd @ Gorilla, Manchester (23rd September)


+ Jack and Amazonica
@ Gorilla, Manchester
23rd September 2018

YouTube star turned musician Marius Listhrop, now known as Scarlxrd (pronounced Scarlord), headlined Gorilla last night as part of his much anticipated UK tour.

Supporting is Amazonica, also known as ‘Dirty Harry’, a DJ who is doing incredibly well for herself, supporting Marilyn Manson on his 2017/2018 UK, Europe and American tours, as well as DJing at various fashion events, film festivals and after-shows for Panic! At The Disco, Liam Gallagher and Major Lazer.
She is the perfect crowd warmer for the audience. Looking fierce with her severe platinum bob, eyeliner and leather, she blasts mixtures of Eminem, Marilyn Manson and the Prodigy. The crowd is going mental as the strobe lighting syncs perfectly with a bass-heavy HUMBLE. Amazonica has the crowd screaming as she queues up track after track of rock and rap anthems. She struts across the stage, shouting along with the crowd, her dominance emanating from her like a superpower.

Scarlxrd’s DJ, DJ Jacky P, picks up where Amazonica left, starting his DJ set with Anarchy In The UK by Sex Pistols. Focusing more on the drum and bass rap than heavy rock, the sets a little more subdued than Amazonica’s, but the crowd are still lapping it up, with Gorilla filling up by the second.

Scarlxrd crashes onto the stage and unapologetically begins the process of tearing the venue a new one. It happened in such a split second I, at first, didn’t even realise he was on stage.
‘Open up this mosh pit c’mon!’, he instructs.
The music is just absolutely crazy- each song makes you feel like you’re being thrown around the room even if you’re standing still. A warped mixture of heavy, fast, thrash metal, drum and bass rhythms and distorted rap/scream vocals, it’s unique and I’m not sure anyone really knows what’s just hit them.
People are going mental for Scarlxrd; stage diving, crowd surfing and drinks being thrown in the air left, right and center.
‘Manny knows how to party, yes!’
Scarlxrd spits out lyrics with an effortless rhythm, switching between fast rap and heavy screams as though it were second nature to him.
‘Whose been keeping up with my new stuff?’, asks Scarlxrd, before launching into new singles such as Tell Me Yxu Lxve Me and I Need Space and Hxw They Judge. The crowd are in Scarlxrds palm tonight, and at points even share the stage with him. He rips his way through song after song, barely pausing for breath. It’s a very intimate gig, with all rules being thrown out the window. Scarlxrd doesn’t seem to quite believe that he is creating this spectacular that is unfolding all around him, that these people love his music so much to lose nearly all inhibition. It’s crazy, and it’s just what Scarlxrd wanted.

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