Fri 24 Aug 2018

Fall Out Boy Surprise EP ‘Lake Effect Kid’


Words: Victoria Hicks


FALL OUT BOY have written a special little love letter to their home town, Chicago, in the form of 3 song EP ‘Lake Effect Kid’.

The EP comes as part of a special ‘Mania Experience’ that the band will be hosting during the first weekend in September in Chicago. The experience will include 12 spaces for fans to walk through, all of which are inspired by the album and featuring unreleased music.

The EP is short but oh so sweet, made up of three songs in which vocalist Patrick Stump literally sings Chicago’s praises. An easy listen and instantly loveable EP, Fall Out Boy have proven again that they can consistently put out exquisite pieces of music. ‘Super Fade’ carries the same effect of splicing up pieces of music during the chorus, that the band first did in ‘Young and Menace’, giving both songs a manic, yet still controlled feel.

‘You know the world can get my bones but Chicago gets my SOUL!’ screams Patrick as the music drops into post chorus.

‘Lake Effect Kid’ will take Fall Out Boy fans back to Infinity On High days, as the band go back to their punk-rock roots. Whilst evolving their music to contain more electronic influences, and basically doing whatever they want to, it is still great to hear that they can write and execute a good, solid rock song.

‘City in a Garden’ is 100% a pure love song to Chicago. It doesn’t sound cheesy, it just effortlessly flows like any of their other songs. But what makes this song so special is the lyrics. It’s beautiful to hear the love Fall Out Boy have for their home. They are a band who have come so far, achieved so many incredible things, but they know where they started and are so grateful for that place. It’s genuinely great to hear a band express their gratitude, and it makes you a little emotional knowing that they are almost in awe of themselves.

‘Lake Effect Kid’ is available to download and steam through Spotify, Apple Music and many other platforms now.