Thu 14 Jun 2018

Jason Derulo: The Voice of 2018’s FIFA World Cup


RnB singer Jason Derulo is the latest musician to write and perform this year’s infamous Coca Cola World Cup song. The anthem named ‘Colors’ was released in March in preparation for the first match’s kick-off today in Russia.

‘Colors’ is a catchy pop tune, driven by booming beats and uplifting gang vocals that will sound incredible sang by the masses at throughout the competition. It has been described as “empowering” as the lyrics depict pride and positivity in multiculturalism, for example, “One race, and that’s human” and “There’s beauty in the unity we’ve found”.

The video portrays people of different nationalities performing in their respective traditional outfits while flags of every country can be seen waved or displayed. Derulo is seen at a bustling football pitch in Miami celebrating the event with people of a range of nationalities, then at a beautiful Haitian castle reflecting upon his parents’ heritage. He pays further homage to his Haitian roots as he drapes a flag over his shoulder while looking out to sea.

Derulo told The Evening Standard “I wanted to create a song that talked about unity and togetherness and celebrating your roots and where you’re from and having that World Cup fever, which we’re celebrating. It’s very important, especially with the state of the world right now, it’s really important for me to get that message out.”

He promoted the release at an Asda in Watford after his explosive at Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend in May. This was for the supermarket’s collaboration with Coca Cola called Pass The Happiness which aims to help disadvantaged children around the world.

Two versions of the song were released: Derulo’s English original and a collaboration with Latin pop singer Maluma’s for the Spanish rendition.

‘Colors’ will also be featured on his upcoming album 777, which is due later this year. If you like the sound of ‘Colors’, you can catch Jason Derulo on his UK tour this September, with tickets available here!