Tue 29 Aug 2017

Interview with… DNA


We caught up with mind-reading duo DNA before their ‘We Know What You’re Thinking’ headline show takes to the stage at Leicester Square Theatre this Halloween.

  1. What are you most looking forward to about your London show?

We’re looking forward to sharing our mind reading show with our audience! We’ve been working really hard since Britain’s Got Talent on material that will blow everyone’s minds!

  1. Your headline show falls on Halloween – are you planning on giving the audience a fright at any point during your performance?

Maybe… we couldn’t possibly say!

  1. From your experience on BGT, what was the best piece of advice that was given to you?

To try and enjoy the whole experience. Be yourself and take it all in

  1. What has been the best magician or mind reader you have seen perform?

We recently went to see Derren brown perform and it was a masterclass! He was fantastic.

  1. Have you met or performed for any of your idols since breaking into the industry?

We’re good friends with Dynamo who has shown us real support since we aired on BGT. Him and his team have been very complimentary of our performance and it’s really flattering they enjoy what we do.

  1. Your unique mind reading performances has taken you to lots of different countries, is there anywhere in the world you would especially love to perform?

We would really love to perform in Las Vegas. The most successful magician of all time lives and performs 500 shows a year there… there’s definitely something really special about that place!

  1. What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?

Giving people a feeling of amazement and enjoyment. After we had our exposure on Britain’s Got Talent we’ve had loads of people come up to us saying how we fooled them and they loved what we did. It’s that kind of feedback that keeps us working hard doing what we love!

  1. What are you planning to bring to the show? Are there any new tricks to debut?

We’re making sure our audience sees a show which is unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Our audience is a really big part of our show and we want them to be involved and feel included. We don’t compare ourselves to any other act so expect the unexpected!

  1. Any plans for the rest of the year and 2018?

We’re concentrating on creating more mind blowing material to share with the UK, so watch this space!