Thu 27 Jul 2017


Royal Blood have had an incredible year. Their second album ‘How Did We Get So Dark’ was announced as their second number 1 album just moments before they went on to take the Pyramid Stage by storm at Glastonbury. They are also set for a UK Arena Tour in November, proving that the rockers from Brighton are not just a flash-in-the-pan, but are here to stay. 


Following up from such an impressive debut album is something many bands struggle to do, but Royal Blood aren’t one of those bands. They saw their first album achieve huge success and raised it with the release of ‘How Did We Get So Dark’.
The album starts with the self-titled song ‘How Did We Get So Dark’ which is the perfect taster of what to expect from the rest of the album. Following that is the massive tune ‘Lights Out’ which propelled Royal Blood back on the world stage after their first album. 
Next up is ‘I Only Lie When I Love You’ which is a typical yet brilliant Royal Blood song. The riff is gritty, the drums are driving and the vocals are powerful. If there was one song to sum up the Brighton duo, it would be this one. 
Another stand out song on the album is ‘Where Are You Now?’ which starts with a steady drum and bass combo during the intro and verse before hitting a tasty half-time riff in the chorus. 

The album finishes on ‘Sleep’ which really shows off the bassist/singer Mike Kerr’s ability to write and rival any of the great rock n roll riffs played on any guitar. Listen to the full album on Spotify below… 


Royal Blood on the Pyramid Stage was one of the highlights of Glastonbury this year. How only 2 people could hold such a huge audience in the palm of their hands is beyond explainable, but these guys pulled it off. Before they smashed out ‘Figure It Out’ they had a moment to themselves to celebrate ‘How Did We Get So Dark’ reaching number one. Their moment involved a big ‘bro hug’, a load of champagne and an adoring Glastonbury crowd. 
Royal Blood UK Arena Tour
The lads are coming to an arena near you in November! Get your tickets HERE.