Mon 6 Feb 2017

The X Factor Live Tour 2017 – Q+A with SAARA ALTO!



The X Factor Live Tour 2017 – Q+A with SAARA ALTO!
Gigs+Tours once again had the chance to catch up with Saara Alto who was 2nd and a Finalist in the X Factor 2016!
She told us all about what she would give us advice for any budding singers, the experience of being on the UK’s biggest talent show and her excitement for the X Factor tour!
The X Factor Live tour in February + March THIS year!
You can Grab your tickets for the tour….. here !
How did you find your experience appearing on The X Factor?
I loved the X Factor so much. I was able to do shows I had wanted to do my whole life. The whole team were the best in the world and I was honoured to work with them. I felt like I could really show who I was as a performer and I enjoyed the big production numbers. It was also life changing in other ways, I moved to Britain, learnt about British culture and also I immediately felt like this was my home. I’m so grateful I was brave enough to take a chance and audition for the X Factor.
What was the best piece of advice given to you whilst doing the show/What have you learnt?
The best advice was from Sharon Osbourne “Don’t be polite on stage” .I was also told from the music team “You have to always show everything you have inside of you, don’t be only half of what you are, be what you truly are”
Do you miss your mentor/have you been in touch with them?
I’ve been sending some text messages with Sharon and she has asked me how I’ve been doing after the show. She also sent me a beautiful “Happy New Year” e-card 😀
What have you been up to since the show finished?
I’ve been super busy and haven’t had a day off! I went to Finland for Christmas and had so many concerts, interviews and meetings there. The whole of Finland watched the X Factor and everybody wanted to see me after the show which was amazing. I’ve now moved to London and I’m in the studio writing songs and also performing all over the country.
What are you looking forward to most about The X Factor Live Tour?
I can’t wait to do big shows again and perform in front of thousands of people! It’s going to be so much fun to sing without the fear of leaving the show!  I can just be together with the other contestants and enjoy performing.
What can fans expect to see from you on the tour?
They are definitely going to see a lot from me! Big performances but also stripped down ballads. There will be amazing outfits and good energy.
What will you be doing once the tour has finished?
After the tour has finished I’m concentrating on my own arena concert in Finland in April. It’s already sold out with 13,000 people attending! It’s going to be so exciting and needs lots of work and planning! After this I will be back in the studio working on new songs 🙂