Mon 13 Feb 2017

The X Factor Live Tour 2017 – Q+A with 5 AFTER MIDNIGHT!



The X Factor Live Tour 2017 – Q+A with 5 AFTER MIDNIGHT


GigsandTours again had the chance to catch up with 5 After Midnight – Who finished in 3rd Place @X Factor 2016!


They told us all about The X Factor experience + staying true to yourself when on such a huge TV+music platform being on a show like the size of the X Factor!


The X Factor Live tour in February + March THIS year!
You can Grab your tickets for the tour….. here !
How did you find your experience appearing on The X Factor?


Kieran – It was incredible! Such a big learning curve for me and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to do it!
Nathan – Unlike anything I’ve ever done before, it was intense work but immensely fun!
Jordan – It was a crazy but amazing experience – it made me especially happy knowing that I was making my family proud
What was the best piece of advice given to you whilst doing the show/What have you learnt?
Kieran – Be true to who you are! That was the best piece of advice given to me because so many people in the world will try to be something they’re not.
Nathan – I think the best advice was to always “be yourself” and to “have fun” with every performance.
Jordan – I’ve learnt that not everyone can do everything in a group; you all have different qualities about you that come together and make the group what it is. 
Do you miss your mentor/have you been in touch with them?
Kieran – Yes I had so many jokes with Louis I miss that, I’ve spoken to him a few times over the holiday 🙂
Nathan – Yeah I definitely miss Louis, there’s no one like him – we’ve been messaging here and there for sure.
Jordan – Yeah 100 percent miss my mentor! I have been in touch with him, he told me he’s living the life in Dublin!!
What have you been up to since the show finished?
Kieran – I’ve been getting tour ready… I’ve been going to the gym, working on vocals, dance moves and tricks! And seeing family too.
Nathan – Catching up with friends & family, and working on some new music!
Jordan – We’ve been signed to Syco and been performing gigs around the UK!
What are you looking forward to most about The X Factor Live Tour?
Kieran – Just going around the country seeing everyone that has supported through the show and proving why they were right to support us.
Nathan – Performing live & catching up with all the other contestants.
Jordan – Just seeing everyone, being with them again and doing what I love to do best – sing, dance and perform
What can fans expect to see from you on the tour?
Kieran – They will see what we were on the show but enhanced so fun, upbeat and
smiles x2
Nathan – Well, not giving too much away…but all the venues are arenas so we’ve got a lot of space to work with. We’re gunna do something huge.
Jordan – We will be giving it our heart and soul – they can expect to see a unique group made with passion for what we do.  They’ll be dancing, singing and maybe some explosions too!
What will you be doing once the tour has finished?
Kieran – Working on getting into the music industry properly and dropping our first single.
Nathan – Focus on our recently announced forthcoming album!
Jordan – Working hard with 5 After Midnight and the label, focusing on our debut single/album.