Wed 25 Jan 2017

Interview with… MiC LOWRY


Gigs and Tours Q&A With MiC LOWRY

Firstly tell us a bit about your background and how the band was formed?  

We were all born and raised in Liverpool and we all went through the same school at some point so we have known each other for quite a while now. About 6 years ago we all came together by chance in a vocal workshop that helps young people gain confidence and train their voices. After realising we all enjoy singing we decided we wanted to try singing together, so we started rehearsing as a band about 3 times a week and the rest is history! Ha! 

How would you describe your music?

We would describe our music as British commercial R&B but our live shows always have a soulful acoustic kind of feel because since we started we always based our songs and covers around the acoustic guitar and five vocals.

You’ve just released your new single ‘Oh Lord’, can you tell us a bit about the track? 

‘Oh Lord’ is our interpretation on Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’ – it’s an upbeat feel good record. We worked with a Swedish writing collective called ‘The Family’. As soon as we heard it we loved it and we knew how we could change things and make it our own straight away.  

You supported Justin Bieber on his European leg of his Purpose Tour last October that included UK arena shows in Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow and 6 sell out nights in London’s O2 Arena. Did you guys have fun? 

We had the time of our lives on the Purpose tour, not only did we get to travel the whole of Europe but we also got to show thousands and thousands of people our sound and who we are. We’ve gained a lot of new fans who support everything we do and we also gained a lot of friends from the tour who we stay in contact with whenever we’re in America.  

You’re heading out on a UK tour in February playing across some of the UK’s major cities. What can your fans expect from the dates? 

Yes we’re so excited to get back on the road and perform again, from this tour you can expect a good mix of old material and also some new stuff, we’ve also put some new covers together specially for the tour. Even though we have a band for some dates the main focus is still the acoustic guitar and vocals. 

What’s the best thing about being on tour? 

Every time we go on tour the venues get bigger and we see a lot of new faces and that’s what we love. Seeing everyone’s reactions to certain songs, hearing people sing along to our music and we also love feeling close to our fans so it’s nice to meet most of them as well.

Who are you biggest musical influences? 

Because there is five of us we have a lot of musical influences but as a band our main influences are obviously other bands such as Boyz 2 Men, 112, Jagged Edge etc and we also love a lot of Motown artist such as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.   

Apart from your UK headline tour, what does 2017 have in store for MiC LOWRY? 

We have actually just recently added some more dates to our tour, but these dates will be in Europe and the USA. So this year has already started on a high for us with lots more to come including new music being released soon…  

Have you got any messages for your fans? 

We can’t wait to see you guys at the shows and thank you so much for your constant love and support. Hopefully this year will be an even bigger year than last x

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