Mon 26 Sep 2016

Interview with… The Wailers

The Wailers Q&A
Following the success of their huge sell out UK tour last year, legendary reggae artists The Wailers return to mark their highly celebrated and anticipated Legend tour.  The band will be performing the iconic album live on stage in its entirety plus all their greatest hits such as ‘Three Little Birds’, ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, ‘Jamming’ and many more. We Caught up with lead vocalist Dwayne “Danglin” Anglin to get the lowdown ahead of the UK tour. 
Hi Danglin, hope you’re well. Are you excited for your upcoming tour of the UK in Novemeber after the sell out success last year?
Always a pleasure touring the UK. The fans are great, which makes shows very enjoyable. 
Are there any places this yeat which you’re most looking forward to playing?
I enjoy all the venues. but London has a special vibe.
You’re going to be playing the iconic album ‘Legend’ in its entirety plus other greatest hits, what songs are the best to perform live?
All of the songs are great to perform live. It all depends on what message you connect with the most. It’s much like food, so it all depends on what thw audience is craving.
The Wailers have played to over 24 million people around the world, playing 200 gigs a year! What has been one of your most unforgettable gigs or the most special to you?
They all have their own significance, but one of my most memorable shows was Shillong, India. It felt a lot like where I grew up. 
You’re a band that are always on the road, what are the ‘tour essentials’ you can’t possibly live without?
Food, rest and herb. 
What is the key message you want people to take from your music?
Humanity over vanity.
Being masters of the live music circuit who is the best artist you’ve ever seen live?
Toots and the Maytals.
If you could only have one album on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
‘Survival’ by Bob Marley
What are your plans for the rest of the year?
We tour, that’s all we do.. The UK, then Europe to finish the year.
Finally, have you go any messages for your fans out there?
Become part of the solution!

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