Fri 8 Apr 2016

Interview with… Jack Pack


Britain’s Got Talent stars Jack Pack embark on their UK tour in June – we caught up with them to find out what they’ve been getting up to!

Hello guys, how are you? What have you been up to recently?

We’re doing great thanks! Well, it’s been very busy indeed but we are having such a great Time-We have been abroad to South America, and also went to Venice to perform- That was an amazing City! We’ve also been working on our set for out tour which is going ahead in June. We all can’t wait!

It’s been 2 years since you received a standing ovation at your Britain’s Got Talent audition which you mentioned was your first ever public performance… Can you remember what it was like stepping out on stage together for the first time in front of a packed house, national TV cameras and the BGT judges?

That first audition was very surreal….It felt like we were stepping in a TV set! We had done a lot of work behind the scenes on out audition, and had also all given up our day jobs to dedicate out time to Jack Pack… As much as were felt confident in ourselves, it really hit us all that everything was on the line now, and if they buzzed us that would mean everything we has worked for would be for nothing…. So being nervous was an understatement! They also purposefully kept us waiting behind the stage where we could hear the other auditions taking place and the incredibly loud buzzers-which sounded like fog horns!! Once we got the standing ovation, it was extremely emotional for all of us. It was a moment we will never forget.

Could you ever have imagined how much your lives have change since then?

I think every singer has dreams of what their lives could be if they had a chance to ‘make it’, but when it actually happens… And every week you are doing the most amazing things, you step back go ‘is this really happening?’ After getting to the final of BGT, we signed to Syco, made our album with a 72-piece orchestra, We’ve performed at the Hammersmith Apollo, The London Palladium, Proms in the park to 40,000 people- been to many countries all over the world… And have also performed in front of Prince Charles… Its mind blowing to be honest…. These things just don’t happen every day! We still can’t believe how well it’s taken off to be honest, and all appreciate how fortunate we have been.

You released your debut album ‘Jack Pack’ in October last year which is a mix of cover songs and original tracks. Which is your favorite song off the album?

That’s a tough question, as we love all the tracks for different reasons. The likes of ‘My Way’, which is a huge iconic song in itself, not to mention the emotional sentiment and connection it has with people, as a band, is one of our favorites. We also love Lazy River, which was actually Simon Cowell’s suggestion, as this track really shows off our chemistry and the fun we have with each other on, and off stage, it was a great suggestion. It pretty much typifies what we’re about, lads, banter and fun!

You’re also touring the UK at the end of May, which city are you most looking forward to playing and why?

We are just looking forward to going on tour and performing for our amazing fans. They have been with us from day one on this amazing journey, through all our ups and downs, and we cannot wait to put on an amazing show for them all. We’ve put in many hours in the studio rehearsing with the band to make sure this show is amazing and Its now just a matter of getting on the road to see everyone and provide a night of entertainment they won’t forget.

What/who inspired your love for ‘big band’ and swing music?

What we all have in common is we were all bought up in our households listening to swing. I remember being 10 years old. My father gave me a Frank Sinatra CD as a present, I listened to ‘Night and Day’ – I immediately fell in love with the genre… There was something about the grand orchestra with the thumping brass and smooth and effortless vocals which was both spectacular and also very cool… Since that day I became a fan, and that’s what gave me inspiration to sing. (Sean)

Who is the best artist you have ever seen live?

For me it has to be Michael Buble. I saw him at the O2 a few years ago and he was just mind blowing. He was my main inspiration for getting into this genre of music and I was actually very very lucky to perform with him on stage in London at a small intimate gig 4 years ago! This was an absolute dream come true, and seeing him perform again at the O2, was just the tip of the iceberg, given my journey since. (Alfie)

What is the plan for after your tour?

I think we will all have a few days rest and spend some time with our families, children and friends, and then, it’ll be back to work soon after. We have so many exciting things happening, at home, internationally, and in the studio, that we cannot wait to tell your all about and we are looking forward to the future of Jack Pack and our continued love we have for living this dream of ours.

Just how small is Dec compared to Ant in real life?

Haha they both seem quite similar in height in real life!! It’s not at all noticeable in person from what I remember!

Finally, could you tell us the songs you guys will be listening to whilst on tour?