Tue 12 Jan 2016

Interview with… Will Joseph Cook

Despite his young age Will Joseph Cook has been pitched as one the biggest newcomers of 2016. In the verge of his Manchester gig at Sound Control on the 22nd March we caught up with the singer-songwriter.

You signed with Atlantic last May, congrats! How has it been since getting signed?
Thanks, it has been great. Those that I work within the label understand the project and there’s a lot of shared lot for what is being created. The past year or so has felt creatively limitless, I’ve have enjoyed myself a lot.
How is 2016 looking to you? Can we expect your debut album to be released?
Dope and yes, 2016 looks/sounds/feels/smells/tastes good.
Will Joseph Cook – Beach 
The last time I saw you play in Manchester was in 2013 when you supported Tom Odell! Are you excited to play in Manchester again?
My last visit to Manchester was restricted to the confines of a Renault Clio and the venue I played; so hopefully this time I can see more of the city. 

Your sound has changed since that gig as well. What has influenced your music?

Naturally my influences have broadened since but I see change in sound as just me making the music I had always wanted to make. Essentially just being a bit more capable and having a strong vision for the music I was writing. 
What’s your most memorable gig experience, a gig you’ve played or a gig you’ve been to?
Shameless teenage cliche but it was probably at Reading festival in 2013 watching Phoenix headline the NME tent on Sunday night. It clashed with Biffy Clyro and Knife Party, which seemed to distract most people from the life affirming event going on in that tent. 
For those who don’t know you yet what would be the reason to see you live and what can we expect from your gig?
Some people mistakenly put me into the singer-songwriter with acoustic guitar bracket, assuming my live show will be along those lines, but that’s not the case. It’s been hard translating my recordings into live performances as there’s often so much going on, especially in the new tracks, but I’ve got a great band who have helped my realise the vision and create a great live show so I’m looking forward to showing people.
Tickets for the Manchester & London dates are on sale now and available at: http://gigst.rs/WJC