Fri 29 Jan 2016

Interview with… Gabrielle Aplin


Gabrielle Aplin has rose from a YouTube sensation to a pop star selling out gigs around the world. Her two albums English Rain and Light Up The Dark have received raving reviews the latter one being released in last September. Gabrielle is about head on a 17 date tour across the UK and Ireland so check out what the artist is up to!

Hi Gabrielle and congrats on the success of your second album Light Up The Dark! How has the post second album life been? 
Thank you! It’s been really great to have had time in a great place to create with great people and artists. Now the album has been released I’m in full tour mode and can’t wait to be playing the songs in as many places as possible!




What is your music writing process like? How has it changed during the years?


For me the process is different every time. I don’t have a specific routine. Sometimes I can be inspired by something that’s happened to me, sometimes it’s a sound I like, sometimes it’s a place, a colour and person I’ve met or a story they’ve told me that sparks a lyrical concept or a sound. I don’t think creativity can have a set routine that works for everyone! I guess the only way my process has changed over the years is by travelling more and having more experiences.


You have your own record company, Never Fade Records. How are you managing to keep your own career going and at the same time run a record company?
I get asked that a lot, but really, with the intentions I have it’s not that much work. In a nut shell, all I want to do is be involved in getting amazing music heard. Whether it’s funding a project like a single or an EP, or putting on a gig, I basically just want to use the resources I have to help new artists. I have no intentions of being the evil record label person telling artists what they can and can’t do, I just want to be involved in creativity.
Gabrielle Aplin – Sweet Nothing


You have played shows around the world. How does the audiences vary? Do you perform differently in front of different audiences? 


I have! Audiences do vary, especially when you’re touring internationally and there are language barriers and cultural differences! I try not to perform different in front of different audiences. I don’t think you can blame the atmosphere or energy of a show on the crowds reaction. That always needs to come from me as a performer. I shouldn’t be asking the crowd for anything! 
What are you most looking forward to on your UK tour?
I’m mostly just looking forward to getting out on the road and travelling! I haven’t toured extensively for a while so just the experience or travelling and playing in a different city every night excites me! 
What can we expect from your shows and would be the reason to see you live?
A good mix of new and old. Lots of contrast. Big moments and more intimate moments. 



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