Thu 10 Dec 2015

Introducing… The Fat White Family



The Fat White Family
The band threatened to join Isis if Mac DeMarco keeps doing music, their gear got stolen in San Francisco and they once urged someone to kill Alex Turner. No matter what happens or whatever the press writes about them The Fat White Family keeps rolling on like a one huge avalanche. They’ve proudly earned the title of the most controversial band and if that doesn’t scream ‘GO SEE THEM LIVE’ (WARNING: if you’re an innocent little Bambi who loves unicorns and rainbows then this gig is not for you) then I don’t know what does. 

Their album never got the attention it earned but lets face it if you name a song ‘Bomb Disneyland’ BBC Radio 1 will never play it. The band might be “weird as shit” but that’s the charm of The Fat White Family, you never quite no what’s happening but you still want to jump on their spaceship/tour bus and follow the band to which ever planet they take you. No article can do them justice, just go and witness it – you never know what happens at The Fat White Family’s gigs. There might be nudity, blood and bruises but it’s all worth it.

The Fat White Family – Auto Neutron