Wed 19 Aug 2015

Interview with… The Bohicas

Alright guys, how’s it going? What is a Bohica?
All good thanks. Bohica is an acronym that stands for Bend Over Here It Comes Again.
Describe your debut album ‘The Making Of’ in 3 words.
The making of. 

You’re touring the UK in October, but which city are you 
most looking forward to playing?

Belfast. My parents are both from large families near Derry 
so I’ve got a fuck load of cousins I wanna hang out with. 
We’ve never played there either.

What can people expect from your live shows?

Banging tunes played well.

Which gig have you played that has been special to you?

Last year I really enjoyed playing LA Boule Noir in Paris. 
Mind you we did just play to 5000 people in Japan. We’ve been lucky. Haven’t had a stinker in a while.

Are there any bands you’ve seen recently which have
blown you away?

Santigold in Belgium was incredible. I only knew a handful of
her tunes but her whole performance blew me away.

If you could perform one song for the rest of your life, 
what would it be?

4:33 by John Cage

What do you plan on doing after your UK tour in October?

No plans. We’re just turning up to whatever’s asked of us. 
Hopefully the album will still be engaging with people and we can carry on playing live. I’m always writing so I guess something fresh will rear it’s head in the new year.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

Absolutely no idea. I’ll be 29, so whatever that means.

What is the best thing about being The Bohicas?

Playing Swarm live and knowing you don’t have to wake up at 6:30 to work for some arsehole.

The Bohicas start their UK tour in October, get your tickets HERE.