Fri 24 Jul 2015

Interview with… LIFEHOUSE



Following the release of their new album Out Of The Wastland, Lifehouse are also set to tour the UK in October 2015. We had a chat with the American rock band to find out more.
You have just released your new album Out Of The Wasteland how does the album differ from your past records and has your song writing process changed over the years?
This record is a mix of the formulas we have used for our past records tied in with the formula that we currently use. We wanted to get back to our roots while staying in the present, appealing to our fan base while appealing to ourselves at the same time. Our songwriting process is always evolving and changing and growing. There have never been any rules, which keeps the creative process healthy.
You worked with James Newton Howard on your song ‘Hourglass’ how did the collaboration come together?
Our manager/producer Jude Cole had worked with James over the years and the song had been laying around unused for quite some time. Jason came in and finished the song. It was an exciting experience to work with such a legendary composer.
You’ve announced an additional date at London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire on October 3rd after quickly selling out your first show. Are you looking forward to bringing the tour to the UK?
Absolutely. Our fans in the UK are so hospitable, and great singers. They sing with the best voices along with our songs. It must be from chanting at all of their football matches!
What can we expect from the show?
It will be mix of old and new songs, mostly songs that our fans came to see, but also a few deep cut songs that we want to play.
What has been one of the biggest highlights of your career so far?
Probably opening for the Rolling Stones! 
After the release of your last album Almeira, you decided to take a break as a band and explore individual projects. What was behind that decision? 
I think after 13 years of touring, we were all just a little bit burned out. It was necessary to recharge the batteries while exploring other avenues to individually grow.
What have been your biggest influence in music?
We pull influences from all over, whether it be art, films, books, music or life experiences. It’s hard to pinpoint just one.
What is the most exciting thing you are looking forward to this year?
Playing overseas!! No joke.
What tracks will you be listening to on tour?
Here’s their Tracks On Tour playlist below or click HERE

Have you got any messages for your fans?
We look forward to playing for you! It’s because of you that we have been around this long. Let’s keep this train going. 
Much love and see you soon. X
Lifehouse are touring the UK in October 2015 get your tickets HERE