Tue 28 Jul 2015

Interview with… INHEAVEN



October will see the launch of the very first DIY presents the Neu Tour. Three of the UK’s most exciting new bands will take to the stage and will perform eleven very special dates across some of the UK’s major cities. We caught up with one of the headline bands INHEAVEN to find out more.
Firstly what’s the story behind the band, how did you all get together?
We formed about a year ago, it was a natural progression from writing songs in a bedroom to meeting other likeminded people who could bring those ideas into reality.
Are you excited about being part of the DIY Presents the Neu Tour?
Very excited. We want to tour as much as humanly possible, so going away with 2 such great bands is a great start for us.
You guys will be playing 11 dates across the UK alongside VANT and The Big Moon. Is there a particular city that you’re looking forward to performing at?
We are looking forward to going back to Leeds. We played at The Brudenell back in May and it was one of our favourite live shows ever, so can’t wait to do that all over again. However all the venues and cities are great, and we are excited to play in places we’ve not yet had the chance to.
Describe INHEAVEN in 3 words?
Everything is fine.
Tell us about your new track ‘Regeneration’?
It was the first track that was written and it happened very quickly. It made sense for it to be the first song we put out. It kind of depicts how we were feeling at the time.
What can we expect from an INHEAVEN show?
Hopefully something loud and aggressive, but with moments of clarity and emotion….
You’ve received great support so far from the likes of XFM, Radio 1, Clash and Noisey. Is it mad hearing your songs on the radio?

Yes I don’t think that will ever get old. The support has been overwhelming and we want to show all those people that they were right to back us so early on. We have a lot to prove now.


What has been the best bit of advice that you have received so far?
I think just to keep focused on what your priorities are. All we’ve ever wanted is to make thought provoking music and being the best live band we can possibly be. There can be a lot of distractions and it’s easy to let those creep into your daily routine, however we try our best to stick to what we know, writing and recording. Basically just be a recluse.

What’s the most exciting thing you are looking forward to this year?
Recording the album and playing as many shows as humanly possible.

What tracks will you be listening to on tour? 
Find them below in a playlist the band made for us or click HERE for our playlist.

INHEAVEN will be joining VANT and The Big Moon on the DIY Presents the Neu Tour this October. Grab your tickets HERE.