Wed 29 Apr 2015

Interview with… YAK


London trio YAK kick off their UK tour in London tonight (TICKETS), so we thought what better time to have a quick chat with them! 

The band quickly drummed up a lot of attention on the blogosphere in 2014 and you couldn’t bump into any music fan in the capital without them drawing your attention to “that new band Yak.” Their tracks ‘Hungry Heart’ and ‘Something On Your Mind’ met rave reviews online and the band have secured some exciting shows off the back, supporting The Strokes in Hyde Park and heading out on tour with Peace (TICKETS). Their new track ‘Plastic People’ has once again affirmed Yak as serious ones to watch in 2015.

Hey, what have you been up to today? 
It’s currently 6:30AM so mainly dreaming but I thought I would do this interview quickly before 7am when my favourite café opens called E Pellicci (plug – not that it needs it…)
Your track ‘Hungry Heart’ has had a massive reaction online, was it expected?  
We didn’t really have any expectation for it. All we knew was that we really liked the song and wanted to share it. I’m not sure what equates a MASSIVE reaction but I’m happy it’s out there and people have listened to it. 
Why did you choose to cover Karen Dalton for the B-side?  
I wanted to do a version of it for my own amusement and then forgot about ever doing it until we started putting our first single together. I wasn’t interested in doing a straight cover of it as I can’t sing anything like Karen Dalton but I thought the contrast between the Suicide-esque backing and that song would be interesting to do. 
So you’re supporting The Strokes this summer…. bet hearing confirmation of that was a nice feeling?  
Yes it was. I think we have been confirmed for a few more festivals this year too. It’s a real treat for us as fans to be able to catch some bands we like along the way too. 
What can we expect from new material?  
The unexpected and the expected. 
Are you looking forward to getting back on the road? 
Yes, which reminds me I must put a wash on as we leave tomorrow  
What can we expect from the tour?  
I suppose the romance is the not knowing so you should pop along and find out for yourself 
How did it come about that it would be a joint tour with The Big Moon? Do you know those guys well?  
We have met them a few times out and about and they are lovely so we are looking forward to hanging out.
Are there any cities your particularly look forward to playing?   
Bristol on the top of my head…. we have played there a few times and they get it, but I’m hoping there will be some surprises along the way.
What are your plans for the rest of this year? 


Gigging / recording  
What tracks will you be listening to on tour?

One I put in the over earlier…
Listen to YAK’s TRACKS ON TOUR playlist HERE.