Thu 22 Jan 2015

Interview with… Florrie

Florrie is a lady of many talents, known as much for her fashion presence and modelling as she is for her music. The Bristol born star is also a very accomplished musician having played drums and guitar live and on record for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud and Pet Shop Boys. 
After signing a major deal to Sony in 2014, she played a live show in London in April to follow up her acclaimed Sirens EP. But 2015 is set to be her year and it kicked off with her premièring her new track on H&M (below) and she told us that it will be the year she releases her highly-anticipated debut full length album as well!
So ahead of her special one off show at The Borderline, London on 29th January (Tickets HERE), we caught up with Florrie…
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What are you up to this very moment?
I’m in LA. I’ve just woken up and am about to go for a run in the sun. Then i’m going to the studio to work on a new track!
Very nice!… What can we expect from your London show at the end of the month?
The set up is going to be different from any show I’ve done before. We’re going to be trying out a few new things which I’m really excited about! Lots of new material, and some old favs too.
How will it differ to your last London show in April last year?
I’m still going to be playing the guitar and drums, but I’m also going to get more involved electronically than I have done before. I think there may also be an acoustic surprise…
You’ve just premiered your new track/video Too Young To Remember on H&M, how has the reaction been?
It was really nervous about this track and video coming out as the song means so much to me. I’ve loved it for so long and couldn’t wait for all my fans to hear it. The reaction from new and old fans has been amazing, so many really lovely comments.
Does your work as a session drummer influence the end product of your music?
I think it’s impossible for my drumming not to influence any track I work on. I have strong opinions about what I want a track to sound like, both the top line and music, which probably stems from my musical background.  The drum sound is always very important to me. When I listen to a track it’s always what I focus on first without even realising.
Your music is a real mix of styles, if you had to define it, what would you definition be?
Eclectic, emotive, evolving
Which other artists are influencing you and your music at the moment?
As far as new music goes I think how Taylor Swift has evolved as an artist has been incredible to watch, and her latest album ‘22’ is great – so many catchy, fun pop songs.  I think Rhodes is brilliant live, and I think his EPs released to date are also brilliant.
Is there a date set for your full album yet?
I can’t say the exact date, but later this year it will be coming..
Which tracks are you currently listening to?
Follow the playlist HERE.