Wed 21 Jan 2015

Interview with… Rockstar Spud (TNA Wrestling)

TNA returns to Glasgow, Manchester and London this month for their seventh anniversary tour with the Wembley event including a double TV taping with an Ultimate X match – TNA’s fan favourite speciality bout full of high-flying and death-defying action!
MAXIMUM IMPACT 7 Tour tickets are available: HERE

So we got to ask 10 questions to one of TNA Wrestlings most exciting prospects Rockstar Spud: 

1.    TNA Wrestling Maximum Impact is returning to the UK for its 7th Arena tour this January, what can the audience expect? 
They can expect what they always get – The best wrestling product in the entire world today in the best arena’s across the UK.  Not only that but this year we are bringing even more stars and The Final 6 from the British Boot Camp 2 television series.  It’s going to be incredible!
2.    What has been your favourite country or city to visit and which are you most looking forward to coming back to?  
Well I really loved performing in my hometown last year in Birmingham but now because we’re not going back there EVERYWHERE on the tour is my hometown!  Glasgow, Manchester, London are all now THE ADOPTED HOME of Rockstar Spud
3.    When you’re not wrestling what do you do to keep yourself busy when you’re on tour / on the road? 
I’m always busy.  I continue to make myself busy.  When I’m not on the road I’m on commentary.  When I’m not on commentary I’m filming my web show “I’m With Spud WEDNESDAY”.  When I’m not filming my web show Im Tweeting, I’m Facebooking, I’m Instagramming. I’m always building the brand of IMPACT Wrestling and Rockstar Spud
4.    Where has been your favourite match you’ve ever seen?  
I’d have to say Bobby Roode vs Lashley 1 from New York City was an incredible match.  Love it.  New York loved it.  The people at home loved it.  Great pro wrestling match.
5.    How has British Boot Camp winner Mark Andrews fitted into the organisation?
Mark has fit in great.  Such a nice humble kid and talented as hell.  I think he will do wonderful things here and I think he will be a huge star and I hope to help him any way I can.  There’s already a Rockstar Spud so lets help make a MANDREWS!
6.    Which other up and coming wrestling star should we look out for in the future? 
The stars in TNA of the future for me are the Robbie E’s, the Magnus’, the DJZ’s, the Bram’s, the Jessie Godderz, the Crazzy Steve’s the Rockstar Spud’s and (pains me to say it) the EC3’s.  Everyone of them are going to go on to do amazing things with the company and keep it going forward for a long time to come.
7.    What’s the best match you’ve ever won? 
I haven’t won one yet….Maybe on the UK Tour huh?
8.    If you could go back in time, who would you most like to team up with in a tag team?
I think it would have always been a natural fit with EC3 but now that has gone sour I’m going to go out the box and say Robbie E.  The antics we could get up to would be insane.  Mark Andrews is a great kid though so you never know down the road maybe the two British Boot Camp boys could stand side by side.
9.    Which music artists are you listening to at the moment?
I’m a huge 80/90’s fan and always on my playlist is a mix of everything.  Metallica, Tina Turner, Offspring, Kenny Loggins, Limp Bizkit, Steve Winwood, Rob Zombie, REO Speedwagon…I could go on lol
10.  Pl
ans for the rest of the year?
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’m going to make EC3 pay, I dont care where it is but I will stand up for everyone and everything that he deems “The 99%” and I’m going to be a champion in IMPACT Wrestling!