Wed 14 Jan 2015

TNA returns to Glasgow, Manchester and London

TNA returns to Glasgow, Manchester and London this month for their seventh anniversary tour with the Wembley event including a double TV taping with an Ultimate X match – TNA’s fan favourite speciality bout full of high-flying and death-defying action!
MAXIMUM IMPACT 7 Tour tickets are available: HERE
We caught up with TNA wrestler Robbie E ahead of the shows:
1.    TNA Wrestling Maximum Impact is returning to the UK for its 7th Arena tour this January, what can the audience expect?
Hello?? What they always get!! An amazing show and experience like no other !! Tna brings the best action and a fan friendly experience like no other bro!
2.    What has been your favourite country or city to visit and which are you most looking forward to coming back to?
I love being in London and wrestling at Wembley.  The energy is like no other and even though I don’t speak there language I know they love me!
3.    When you’re not wrestling what do you do to keep yourself busy when you’re on tour / on the road?
I love the gym at home where I’m not on the road and in a rush. Also love spending time with my girl and watching movies!! Normal stuff!! Oh and eyebrow threading!!
4.    Where has been your favourite match you’ve ever seen?
My favourite match ever to watch was .. Well… Myself and Jessie (the BroMans) vs. the wolves this past year in an U forgettable ladder match!!
5.    How has British Boot Camp winner Mark Andrews fitted into the organisation?
I haven’t met him yet but he better be ready to spray me and Jessie’s back with spray tan bro!
6.    Which other up and coming wrestling star should we look out for in the future?
A young guy named Robbie E.  He is a huge reality star and former x division, television and two time tag champ!!
7.    What’s the best match you’ve ever won?
Winning the tag titles with Jessie at bound for glory 2013 in San Diego!!! 
8.    If you could go back in time, who would you most like to team up with in a tag team?
My team would never change. BroMans for life bro!!

9.    Which music artists are you listening to at the moment?
I am listening to my theme song as I workout!  
10.  Plans for the rest of the year? 

To become three time tag champions with Jessie and at some point focus on becoming a world champion!! That way I can say I held every title in Tna!! Boom!!