Mon 8 Dec 2014

Interview with… Kitty, Daisy and Lewis



It’s been a quiet few years for Kitty, Daisy and Lewis but that’s all about to change. We caught up with the London based sibling trio to talk about all things new. With a new album and a headline tour in the near future it’s safe to say it’s an exciting time for the trio. Check out what they had to say in our recent interview below. 

Hey, what have you been up to today?
Today we did a session for Daytrotter.We recorded 4 of our new songs live which will be online soon. We’ve also been rehearsing for our tour next year. We’ve been so busy with album stuff that we’ve almost forgotten that we are musicians.

You’ve announced details of your first album since 2011, how has it been making this record?

It’s been a long journey. All the tracks were written, developed and rehearsed long before we even started recording, partly because we were building the new studio. Some of the most exciting moments were recording other instruments like harp, horns and the string section. Each of them helped make this record extra special for us. It’s been fun! 
What can we expect from the new album, more of the same or a different direction?This Album is quite different from our previous albums in a lot of ways. Our song writing has definitely progressed and we have a lot more life experiences to sing about. We spent almost three years building a new Studio in an old, derelict Indian restaurant in Kentish Town. We now have a much larger space to work in which definitely helped us to achieve a much cleaner, Separated sound. Before we were recording in a small room at our mums house. We also got our hands on a 16 track tape recorder which meant we were able to experiment more with different instruments and vocal parts. Including string sections, double tracked vocals and harmonious backing vocals. We knew with this album we wanted to take it to another level in terms of production. We have also introduced more styles of music from, disco, rock, blues, funk to rocksteady. These styles were all developed naturally in the writing and creative part of the process.  
How was it working with Mick Jones from The Clash on the new album? 
Working with Mick was fantastic. We were a bit sceptic about bringing another person into the equation, especially being a family and such a tight unit and also working with our own analogue gear. We didn’t really know what someone else could bring to the table as we’d always done everything ourselves. As soon as Mick came to a rehearsal for the first time, we loved having him around. He had such a positive energy that really rubbed off on all of us. He spend five months rehearsing with us, so that he could learn the songs inside out. Then throughout the recording process he really helped to keep our spirits and the music alive. 
What can we expect from the next tour?
From our next tour people can expect to hear and dance to tunes from our new album and we’re bringing extra people on the road this time like a beautiful string section! As always, the people can expect an action pact show with all kinds of emotions, rhythms and moods. See you there!
Are you looking forward to getting back on the road?
Yes!! Since we finished recording we’ve been working on album stuff for so long that we haven’t actually played that much music together. Can’t wait to get back out there and play our new tunes to everyone.
Being three siblings, do you squabble on the road or is it nice being so close?
 Yes we do squabble, but it’s nothing that lasts more than a few minutes. Rehearsals are probably the most heated of times. We are lucky that we all get on really well and have the same sense of humour. We still laugh about Poo together. Sometimes we’ll be listening to a song and we all will laugh at exactly the same point, because of a funny note or something. A note that know one else would find funny. 
Are there any cities your particularly look forward to playing?
Definitely looking forward to going back to Germany. We love it there. Will also be great going back to Japan and America. 
What are your plans for the rest of this year?
Mainly just to tour and hopefully please our fans with our New
What does a Christmas in the Durham household involve?
 Lots of Booze, prawns, sing songs and Jamming. 


What tracks will you be listening to on tour? (Spotify Playlist)
On tour we often end up in the most unexpected places listening to anything and everything. Check out our Spotify playlist below:

Tickets to their Manchester headline show are on sale now HERE.