Tue 14 Oct 2014

Review… New Found Glory – Resurrection



East Coast American punk rockers New Found Glory are back with their new album Resurrection, with this release being their first release via Hopeless Records, the band have a lot to prove with this latest pop punk instalment.

With strong punky riffs, melodic hooks and solid harmonies New Found Glory’s latest offering packs a punch, encompassing energetic crowd pleasers like ‘Selfless’ and ‘Ready and Willing’ the punk rockers show they’ve still got what it takes to claim their place as leaders in the genre. Despite being a band for nearly 20 years this latest album sounds fresher and more energetic than ever, crushing doubts that the bands best days are over. Jordan Pundiks voice is still as cutting and as mighty as ever, he can still hit notes that no grown man should be able to and Cyrus Bolookis drumming is tight, fast and on point showing that the band are still strongly pop punk through and through.

Lyrically the band have moved away from their almost teenage moaning about flings and menial life tribulations to a more mature discourse centered around real heartbreak and perhaps the loss of a certain guitarist from the band. Throughout the record a real sense of personal growth is conveyed and it becomes clear why the record was dubbed ‘Resurrection’.

Resurrection is a solid, lively and perhaps, most importantly, spirited addition to the New Found Glory discography and whilst it is by no means a revolutionary album, it’s a release that will more than suffice the average pop punk fans hunger for shouty and powerful ‘fists in the air’ rock music. If Resurrection proves anything, it proves New Found Glory are here to stay and that pop punk may not be quite dead yet.

You can catch New Found Glory on the Pop Punks Not Dead Tour all across the UK this November. Click HERE for last tickets!