Tue 21 Oct 2014

Review… Gerard Way – Hesitant Alien



It’s always hard to separate a front-man from a successful band post-breakup but even more difficult when the bands fans are still grieving the loss of their favorite emo rock band. My Chemical Romance is barely history for Gerard Way, yet instead of lurking in the shadows of the breakup he has made a jump back into the spotlight as a solo artist with his new album ‘Hesitant Alien’. Despite perfecting the formula for popular emo alt rock, Gerard Ways most recent and almost experimental venture is a far cry from his angsty eye liner filled former years.

Way’s most recent offering is unique blend of 70’s Glam Rock and 90’s Britpop with just a pinch of modern pop. This genre-blend paired with the use of the whole spectrum of the guitarists pedal board makes for magical listening. The Bowie-esque image Way has been rocking in recent years now finally matches the music he is creating as the 40 minute ‘neo-britglam’ concoction means business from the get go. The opening track ‘Bureau’ brings a screeching start to the record with a strong and at times bluesy build up to the main event. Songs like ‘Action Cat’ and ‘No Shows’ will clearly be crowd favorites in a live format as they brim with energy and sing-along ability. Renowned for his ability to carry a live audience, I am almost certain Gerard Way will push these songs to their limit in a live setting.

Don’t expect even a remote reference to his emo roots as this album is all about him. Gerard Way has bravely produced an album to please himself as well as his fans, and it seems the risk has paid off. Way has assembled a record that screams individuality, with poppy catchy hooks combined with funky lead parts this album emits personality. Whilst there may be perhaps slightly too much fancy shoegazing effects on this album for some, ‘Hesitant Alien’ is all in all an unexpected breath of fresh air.

After selling out his November UK tour, extra dates have been added for January, 2015. Grab your tickets HERE.