Thu 11 Sep 2014

Interview with… The Magic Numbers


The Magic Numbers returned with their fourth album ‘Alias’ last month which many are saying is their best yet and they support the release with a full UK tour starting in Liverpool tonight (tickets for all dates HERE). 

To celebrate, we are giving you the chance to WIN one of three signed copies of the album! Just tweet us @GigsAndTours telling us your favourite Magic Numbers track with the hashtag #AliasCompetition before midday on Monday 15th September.

We also caught up the guys and picked their musical brains too…

Hello guys, what have you been up to today?

Today’s our last day performing at the album release’s week long run of in stores. It’s been really cool meeting fans across the country and hearing feedback about the new record.

Congratulations on the release of Alias, how is this album different to the previous three?

Thank you. It’s hard to explain but it really feels like we’re a brand new band in some ways, it’s all very exciting, there’s a real energy to this new record and we’re loving playing at the moment.
I think we’ve made our best record in terms of songwriting and production so there’s a confidence that’s coming from that. I think people will be surprised by this album, I would suggest people leave any pre conceived notions about the group at the door and listen with fresh ears.

How was V Festival? Did you use it as a test run for some of your new material?

We loved it, though to be honest I had no idea who a lot of the other acts playing were, felt kinda out of the loop, thankfully. It was a great crowd though at both shows. I think the Chelmsford show was probably my favourite as I wasn’t as nervous going out there having done it the night before.

So what can we expect from the new tour?

Well firstly we’ve got The Goat Roper Rodeo Band opening who are a three piece country harmony group of the cosmic kind, they’ll blow minds, they’re fun but also heartbreaking and most importantly total dudes so it’s going to be killer touring with them. We’re also blessed to have Ren Harvieu play just before us, I’ve been writing with her for her follow up album and hoping to play a few debut a few of those songs on the tour, whenever I hear her sing she gives me total goosebumps, she’s mesmerising. People are in for a treat. Then there’s us, we are playing the best we’ve ever played, we’re really rocking out big time at the moment so expect a killer show all round.

Is there a city in particular you are looking forward to playing?

Kicking off in Glasgow will be a cool way to commence the mayhem, but to be honest I’m just really looking forward to getting on a roll playing every night, wherever it is.

What is your favourite track to perform live?

Loving playing all of the new ones at the moment especially Enough.
We’ve arranged a new version of Take A Chance that merges into Enough and the reaction to that so far has been immense.

Can you pinpoint any standout gigs in the past?

The one that just flashed before my eyes was a club show in Chile where we had the mother of all stage invasions. So many people from the crowd got on stage we were still playing but couldn’t see each other, we were talking to each other on the microphones asking each other if we were all alright. I loved that gig and encourage more of that where we go.

Have any of you been to any decent gigs recently?

Watching Neil Young & Crazy Horse play every night on our recent European support tour is gonna be pretty hard to beat but there’s been a few.
Savages at the Forum really blew me away. I love those girls, they f*cking mean it. I’m so tired of people phoning it in, you’re in the position to blow minds, blow minds!
The Cure at the Albert Hall was really special, I knew the words to every one of the 45 songs on the set list and I couldn’t help but sing them all. I’ve seen them play so many times but always leave becoming obsessed again. Another really great show was Luke Haines at Bush Hall playing both Baader Meinhof & his new album New York In The 70’s in it’s entirety, anyone who missed that show, really missed out.

Which song do you wish you had written?

There are so many, though I would’ve loved to have stumbled upon the melody and the need to be dropping bars left right and centre for – Anyone Who Had A Heart by Burt Bacharach & Hal David.

What are your plans between now and the tour?

Mainly promoting the new album it would seem, with some rehearsals and a sprinkling of valued home time. Michele will be celebrating a birthday just prior to the tour so there’s also good chance of some drunken tomfoolery. 

What are your Tracks on Tour?

Find out what The Magic Numbers are listening to on the road in this Spotify playlist below: