Mon 8 Sep 2014

Interview with… Bob Blakeley

Best known for his appearance on reality show The Voice, Bob Blakeley has begun to create quite a wave in the music industry since being offered a record deal live on television. His début album ‘Performance’ went straight into the top 20 in the album charts and he has been stunning audiences up and down the country as well. 
This Friday (12th September – TICKETS HERE) see’s Bob headline The Lowry, Salford, so we grabbed the man himself at the MEN diary party in Manchester for a quick chat before what will surely be a fantastic evening…
So Bob you will be playing at Lowry theatre this Friday, what can the audience expect? 
To hear songs, certainly cry me a river, which I performed on The Voice and is included on the album Performance, and a lot of other songs from the album as well. Plus other rat Pack stuff, which is my forte.
What’s your favourite song to perform live?
It has to be ‘Cry Me A River’ just because of the public reaction to it. It’s a great song, I performed it at the MEN diary party on Friday.
How did you feel being on BBC Breakfast and getting offered a record deal live on television?
It was very surreal  because I’d spoken to Mike Batt the day before I appeared on BBC breakfast, but he said he was doing something with the BBC but didn’t give an indication at all what he was going to do. When he did that it really shocked me. It hit my heart. It’s just always something I’ve wanted to do all my life. The other one was to record in a proper studio with an orchestra and I’ve achieve that too. The studio was in London where I recorded the album.
Pre the voice, what has been you’re favourite gig and what has been your favourite show after?
Before The Voice I was doing Pubs and clubs, grassroots stuff, where most singers and act learn their trade. The biggest show pre the Voice was 200 people. But on the Voice itself you don’t realise that apart from the studio audience there are millions at home watching. It was an amazing experience and also an honour to meet my idol Sir Tom Jones.
Who would you like to collaborate in the future?
I’d certainly like to record something with Sir Tom Jones and also I’d love to do something with Michael Buble. I’d also love to collaborate with Christina Aguilera, the power in her voice is amazing. Of course Kate Bush has started to perform again, she’s an amazing artist.
What are your plans following the Lowry show?


I’ll be touring all over the country.