Fri 15 Aug 2014

Interview with… Jaguar Skills


At the end of the month (30th August) we see the ultimate man of mystery, ninja DJ Jaguar Skills return to London KOKO for another instalment of Jaguar Skills & Friends. Last time around went OFF and there’s no doubt it will be more of the same this time.

To help Jag Skills in bringing the madness to KOKO include Grime/Dubstep heavyweight P. Money, Drum & Bass bigboys Brookes Brothers, London DJ/MC Majestic plus just added Radio 1 resident Rockwell. Now that is a line-up capable of writing the night into Ninja folklore. 


You can also WIN a pair of tickets to the night, just tweet us @GigsandTours and tell us another famous Ninja with the hashtag #JaguarSkillsKOKO before 5pm, Wednesday 20th August! 

We caught up with the man behind the mask, Jaguar Skills ahead of the big night…


Hey man, what have you been up to today?
I wanted to go to the gym but didn’t. Had some chicken soup instead. Did a bit of ninja training. The normal stuff.
So what can we expect from the next instalment of Jaguar Skills & Friends at KOKO?
I’ve made LOADS of new bangers for the night. I’ve been road testing them all recently, and they all smash. I’m so excited to spin them! Plus I’ve got P Money, Rockwell, Majestic and The Brookes Brothers up in there too! It’s going to go off!
What is your favourite track to drop? 
Probably, ‘Ace Of Spades’ by Motorhead. I’ve played that tune in every one of my sets I think every time I’ve ever DJd. It’s a weird one, but a goodie. Plus I must have remixed that over 20 times too! But recently I love a lot of the bass house stuff. That’s dope!
Have you had a favourite show in the past?
I know it sounds corny, but I feel real lucky to be DJing for a living, and really, every gig I try and rock it as much as I can. But, I guess, anything in London or Tokyo. These are my two favourite places to DJ. 
Which artists are you listening to at the moment? 
I’m listening to a lot of Def Jam and Ram records. I’m doing two epic mixes for Ram and Def Jam at the moment – I’m flipping from Hip-Hop to D&B every few hours, to keep my brain from melting like a wet cake. Ask me anything about Def Jam or Ram Records right now! GO ON! 🙂
What can we expect from your friends playing with you at KOKO? 
Great performances and high levels of energy. I’m a fan of all the artists so it’s exciting for me too!
After you recent track ‘VYBLYF’ with Tom Piper, can we expect more material soon?
Yeah for sure. I’ve got a tune coming out on Ram Records soon. I made it with this really dope producer called Chords. It’s called ‘LUST’ and Matti Roots, this super soulful ninja, did the vocals. It’s wicked. It’s pretty soulful D&B. Break has done a real hardcore remix on it too that’s great. There’s a few tunes coming your way in the next few months. 
What does VYBLYF actually stand for? 
Whatever you want it to be!
Do you have a favourite genre to play out? 
Jaguar Skills type stuff? Humm? Lots of bass. Any tempo. Good vibes type things. Probably Drum & Bass. Then House. 
Which track do you wish you had produced?
hit, I’m constantly wishing I’ve produced records! HA! Well, recently there’s this record that Deetron has made called “Rhythm”. It’s features Ben Westbeech. I wish I made that. I wish I made “Ante Up” by MOP. I wish I had made every Prodigy tune and every Pendulam record. Oh, man, I wish I made ALL the Knife Party tunes too. Imagine if you had made “Love Story” by Lalo & Bushwacker? I’d had loved to have made the soundtrack to “Enter The Dragon”. Or come with the theme to STARWARS. Even the disco version. I could go on….
What are your plans between now and the show in August? 
A combination of DJing, Studio work and Mario Kart 8. 
If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?
A profesional fish monger. Something to do with fish and blades. A Swordsmith.
Is there a track you have never played live but plan to / would love to?
The theme tune to Fame, the 80’s TV series.
Which tracks do you listen to on the road or before a show?
Well, there’s loads….ok I’ll try and remember some! Here they are in a handy Spotify playlist…