Fri 30 May 2014

Our 10 Favourite Kings of Leon Tracks


So with Kings of Leon kicking off their European tour tomorrow we thought it was fitting to pick out some gems from the huge back-catalogue available to us. It seems hard to believe that it is over ten years since Youth and Young Manhood first landed on these shores. Led by three brothers and their cousin, the band from Nashville, Tennessee found success in the UK fairly quickly, with their first album reaching No.3 in the charts while going nearly unnoticed in their native America. Straight away a bond between KOL and the UK was formed and one which has gone from strength-to-strength through to the current day.

The band have, of course, gone on to reach exponential heights worldwide but with the UK being their foundation, a lot is expected of them every time they play here and this tour is no different. However every single tour the band seem to improve, switching from their old rock and blues days back to their more modern alternative rock sound with ease, the band encapsulate all their broad genre spanning success into each and every show with their live sound, seemingly, devoted to an arena stage.


So here is the run-down of our 10 favourite Kings of Leon tracks, in no particular order..

10. Mollys Chambers
– KOL’s first official release in 2003 and still a fan favourite, especially ours. It reached #23 in the UK chart and began the bands global ascent. 

9. Sex on Fire

– Released in 2008, this raunchy number hit #1 and Platinum status in many countries and stayed in the UK charts for a massive 42 weeks. It’s still one of the most downloaded tracks of all time and probably one of the most used tracks in Karoake too.

8. Wait for Me

– A recent release from 2013 and the second track put out from Mechnical Bull. A modern day favourite.

7. California Waiting
– The fourth single taken from their first album, released in 2004. An alternate version of this track actually appears on their debut EP ‘Holy Roller Novocaine’ but as the band apparently rushed it, they re-recorded for the album. True perfectionists. 
6. Use Someboday
– The second single from Only by the Night, Kings’ fourth studio album. The track won the Grammy Record of the Year and it peaked at #2 in the UK charts, taking 40 weeks for it to drop out. The track has been notoriously covered by the likes of Lorde, Pixie Lott, Craig David, Paramore and Kelly Clarkson.

7. On Call

– The first release from their 2007 album Because of the Times. The track peaked at #18 in the UK charts and #3 in Australia, where for some reason some people think the band are from.

8. The Bucket
– Released in 2004 from Aha Shake Heartbreak, the track is written about how bassist and youngest member of the group Jared dealt with fame and success at only 17 years old.
9. Radioactive
– The first single from 2010 album Come Around Sundown, peaking at #7 in the UK charts. The track was nominated for two Grammy’s and yet they could only afford a shed to film most the video in. 
10. Temple
– It’s only fitting we end the list with their last release. The track has been praised by critics and even compared by Clash magazine to the work of The Cure.