Fri 24 Aug 2012

Introducing… Maverick Sabre



Maverick Sabre is a man in the middle of the things. Geographically, he was born in London but was raised in Ireland before making a return to the big city to pursue his musical career. Similarly he’s caught between two genres, being well-known for his rap roots which are what first got him noticed as part of the Irish hip hop scene while also finding an affinity with folk music showing just how broadly his talents reach as a musician.


Maverick Sabre has made a stunning debut into the limelight with his debut album “Lonely Are The Brave” which has given him hits such as the emotionally charged “I Used To Have It All” and the upbeat “Let Me Go”. Although he possesses a unique singing style, Maverick doesn’t shy away from spitting venom in a rap scenario as he showed on his guest spot on Professor Green’s track “Jungle”.


Maverick Sabre is brimming with talent shown by his ability to succeed across the genres while keeping things original and very much sticking to his own sound which is truly unlike any other in the charts today. Check out Maverick’s cinematic panache in the action packed video for Let Me Go below: