Thu 30 Aug 2012

Introducing… Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis



Mackelmore is the alias of rapper Ben Haggerty hailing from the big smoke of Seattle where he is well-known for his rapping finesse and lyrical fire. Producer Ryan Lewis provides the foundations on which the honest modern words of Mackelmore can firmly stand with freshly matched hip hop melodies bringing the words to life.


Mackelmore has turned the trials of his life into a bright, talented future as he takes his real life experiences, no matter how painful and visits them in glaring details through his words. It seems a cathartic practice that ends with beautifully sincere results and offers refreshing retreat from the typical touch points of the rap genre. Despite this, Macklemore knows how to let his hair down and throw his cup up too with tracks like “Irish Celebration” and “And We Danced” showcasing his abilities to let loose while still commandeering each verse to the fullest.


Since bringing Ryan Lewis into the picture it seems Mackelmore has found the magic ingredient to bring his honest, introspective lyrical stylings to an international audience. The duo are set for big things as they prepare to embark on their biggest tour to date and continue to blaze the trail for gimmick-free, honest rap.