Mon 20 Aug 2012

Introducing… Azealia Banks



NME named her the coolest person of the year at the turn of 2012 and so far she has managed to uphold her title by giving us one of the biggest debuts of the year with her single “212” and performing across the world to her growing barrage of fans.


Banks has managed to carve herself a place in the charts which seems untouchable by other similar performers as she brings so much of her unique personality to both the stage and the studio. Her lyrics in particular offer a contemporary look into her world and offer a fresh viewpoint from a genre laden with male dominated perspectives. Banks isn’t just all about style, although she has managed to successfully balance having shedloads of street cred while also courting the high fashion world with her supporters including Chanel’s Karl Lagerfield. Her lyrical delivery is relentless, and she can easily silence her doubters with her machine gun spitting and intelligent wit, not unlike the debut made by Missy Elliot all the way back in the day.


Her releases to date aside from “212” have set a solid foundation for a career that will very possibly span the decades and could see Banks become the hip hop goddess of our generation. Check out her newest release Van Vogue below and catch Azealia in all her stage glory on tour in the UK this autumn.