Wed 8 Aug 2012

Gotye releases new UK dates!


Gotye is anything but a conventional pop star yet has managed to find ongoing success with his alternative pop tracks, most notably his worldwide hit “Somebody That I Used To Know” which topped the charts in an astonishing 18 countries.

Despite the overwhelming success of this track, Gotye is not an overnight success story as he has spent much of his life exploring his own musical interests including using more unusual instruments which he often makes himself. It’s this open-minded attitude which has made his music stand apart from the crowd, gaining him worldwide recognition in the process.

Gotye’s live show is the perfect setting for bringing his many creative elements to life as the audience are treated to watching him perform outstanding vocals while occasionally dabbling in the instrumentation with ease. The unrelenting success of “Somebody That I Used To Know” is well justified but Gotye is no one-hit wonder and has a live show packed full of tracks featuring his unique experientialism with a pop slant.

Check out Gotye’s new track “Save Me”