Mon 9 Jul 2012

Introducing… Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs



Since releasing an EP in 2009 on Joe Goddard’s (Hot Chip) label, Orlando Higginbottom has made quite a debut as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.


TEED’s live show is nothing short of a spectacle with confetti, dancers and the man himself usually donned in some form of towering fancy dress or dinosaur-esque combo. As a relatively new comer to the dance scene it’s refreshing to see a performer who can draw the line between taking their music seriously and taking themselves too seriously.  Higginbottom is clearly very much focused on the music with seamless production and some of the finest original house beats taking hold with layers of his own delicate vocal whispers on top.


What he has really done is reaffirmed the connection between the performer and the music in the electro world. For too long artists in this genre have taken an overtly serious approach with their public persona equating to a few grainy portrait shots on an industrial estate in Berlin. TEED has brought the fun and excitement back to the genre, and long may it continue.


Check out the video for Troublebelow: