Tue 17 Jul 2012

Marc Almond presents Brimingham show!


If you think you don’t know Marc Almond it’s likely you’re mistaken given his selection of chart topping hits and a musical back catalogue which literally stretches into decades of British music history.

Marc first hit the public consciousness as part of Soft Cell with fellow musician David Ball who Marc met while studying at Leeds Polytechnic College. The duo experienced wide-spread success over the course of their career with International hits like “Tainted Love” bringing them notoriety the world over. As part of Soft Cell, Marc recorded four albums which bore even more success for the pair with singles like “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”, “Torch” and “What!” which all topped the UK charts.


Soft Cell parted ways to pursue their solo projects but this was just the beginning of a lifetime of creativity and success for Marc. See Marc below as part of Soft Cell performing the timeless classic, Tainted Love.


It’s impossible to touch on all Marc’s projects to date, such is the vast catalogue of music he has produced in his lifetime. Marc’s career has shifted focus onto re-working the material of others as well as still performing songs from his immense bank of original material all presented in a performance spectacle unlike any other for Marc’s legions of fans both old and new.


Live performance is where the charismatic singer truly excels as he brings the audience to the centre of his flamboyant world to share his creative visions through song. Marc is a true creative visionary and performer bringing a sensationally unique experience to every show he is a part of.

Marc Almond plays The Birmingham Symphony Hall on Friday 28 September

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